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Soft Organizer / Full Uninstall

Program Rank in Soft Organizer 3.31 or How to Reveal Low-Quality Applications

The new Soft Organizer 3.31, a tool to help users manage installed software on Windows XP – 8.1 systems, has been released. Using this tool, Windows users can install programs, keep them up-to-date, and remove unnecessary ones along with all traces they left in the system.

New programs can be installed with tracking that allows you to remove them completely later, as the need arises. This feature is hard to overestimate, as it allows you to install unknown or non-trustworthy programs that can affect the system unpredictably.

If some application was installed without tracking and now needs to be uninstalled, Soft Organizer scans the entire system after the standard uninstalling procedure finishes to find and eliminate all traces such an application may have left in the OS. Traces removed include settings, temporary files, and other elements that usually stay in the system forever.

Soft Organizer Activation

To activate Soft Organizer you need a license key. To get a license key you should purchase a license for Soft Organizer.

After the payment for the license completes, you should receive an e-mail with the license key. In order to activate the program with the key, please follow the below steps.