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Registry Life

Optimizing Registry with Reg Organizer

Reg Organizer offers the tool for defragmenting and compressing files that contain the registry. Using this tool, you can rewrite compressed registry files on disk contiguously, eliminating fragmentation of data.

The optimization process consists of two steps. To begin, it is recommended to close all applications and disable antivirus software because Reg Organizer blocks registry files during the optimization. As a result, other applications may fail to run properly because they are not able to save data to the registry. When the optimization finishes, you need to restart the system. It is necessary to mention that some files are not optimized.

Cleaning Registry Automatically with Registry Life

There is a light version of Reg Organizer called Registry Life. This version has only two basic features: registry cleaning and registry optimization. The program cleans the registry in the automatic mode.

Compared to the full-featured program, Registry Life makes it even easier to maintain the registry for beginners who do not have any knowledge of the registry. Cleaning the registry is as easy as selecting the appropriate menu option. You can choose parts of the registry to be scanned and disable additional options used by default.