"How I Looked for a Registry Maintenance Solution to Suit My Needs" - Thoughts from a Power User

Many software suppliers (including Microsoft) are very careful to be sure all information for running their application gets into the registry when one runs their installer. Unfortunately, they do not exercise the same level of meticulosity when one runs their uninstaller. With time, a system's registry grows beyond the size needed to run its current installed software. It now has artifact entries from packages that have not resided on the system for some time. This will soon prove to be a prime factor in degrading the system's operating efficiency and resource consumption and may also contribute to system crashes.

I could see no sense in permitting this, and was equally aware that no magic was going to miraculously cause software distributors to see the error of their ways and reform. They have a vested interest in being sure their registry entries are there and correct while their software is running on a system. Conversely, they have no stake in cleaning up after themselves when a user decides to remove their software.

The alternative, then, was to keep my registry in fine fettle myself. This was the point I had come to when I began my best registry maintenance software search. I found out two things in this quest: 1) No one registry maintenance software finds all the problems that need addressing, and 2) Some registry maintenance software is noticeably better and for various reasons.

I would never tell anyone that there is a single, comprehensive registry maintenance software guaranteed to find and fix everything. What I will say is, when I was doing my marathon evaluation, one product was far and away the best, in my opinion, ChemTable Software's Reg Organizer.

Reg Organizer is not only one of the better tools at finding registry problems/errors and fixing them, it is also the only one I've found with such a vast, all encompassing suite of functions to handle anything dealing with the registry. Its flexibility is unsurpassed, allowing one to finely tune clean, search, replace, and edit functions. Almost invariably, Reg Organizer finds more valid registry problems than most, and many times more than all others.

So, it's a very good registry cleaner, but that's only the tip of the iceberg! Reg Organizer is a member of that elite minority in registry maintenance applications that does more than just clean your registry. It is a complete tool for doing most everything one could, would, or should care to do in a registry. And beyond that, it also addresses registry related parts of a Windows system. Here is a quick listing of functionality:

  • Editing
  • Manual Cleaning
  • Automatic Cleaning
  • Search and Replace
  • Optimization

  • Disk Cleanup
  • Configuration File (.ini) Editing
  • Application Install/Uninstall
  • Performance and Security Tweaks

And something completely unheard of in any registry maintenance offering, Manual Cleanup of the registry by functional groupings, e.g., Software, Shell Extensions, Shared DLL's, etc.

Whether one simply wants a reliable registry cleaner, or one is a power user who wants tools that put them in control, Reg Organizer is as good as they get, and better! Add to that the fact that Reg Organizer is competitively and reasonably priced makes choosing it for your system a wise decision.

Dave S.

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