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Adding Custom Data Types to Elements

Besides working with the data types and values already provided, PL Table lets you create custom data types for each element. For example, you can add and display icons for each element in the periodic table.

To add a custom data type:

  1. Select Custom Element Data in the Commands menu. The Custom Data Types window will open.
  2. Click the Add button in the left area (Available custom data types) of the Custom Data Types window.
  3. In the new window enter:
    • The Name of the new data type. It can be any name you like, for example, "New floating point data type".
    • Select the Data Type in the Type drop-down (text, integer number or floating point number).
    • Type the Unit of the data type (for example, "percent").
    • Type the Lettering for the selected data type (for example, "R1").
    • Finally, type the Description of the new data type and click the Add button to add the new data type to the database. Click Cancel to cancel the operation.
  4. The new entry will appear in the Available custom data types table. Now you can add data values to the newly created data type.
The new data type you created now appears in the Show menu and in the Show Element Information item of the context menu in the Periodic Table of Elements mode.

Tip: You can view the custom data of a selected element in the Custom Data tab available in the Element Details mode. When you are in this tab, to edit any custom element data, right-click within the Custom Data tab and select the Custom Element Data... item in the context menu that is displayed.

After the new data type is added you will need to add values to the custom data record of each element for this new data type.

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