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PL Table Features

PL Table offers a wide choice of features, including exhaustive information about each chemical element. PL Table also displays the metal activity series, as well as a large number of different views of the periodic table. Any two of the numeric element properties and custom data can be related on point or line diagrams.
Key features:

  • Complete data on each chemical element of the Periodic Table including atomic mass, ionization potentials, electroconductivity, electronegativity, density, place and time of discovery (more than 20 various data types for each element).
  • Provides information on more than 890 isotopes of the 111 elements, including natural abundance, half-life and decay mode.
  • Balances the most complicated chemical equations.
  • You can add numerical and/or text information on each chemical element and have it represented in tables and/or displayed in particle or line graphs.
  • Displays graphs of any two of the supplied categories of numerical data on each element (can also graph user-entered numerical data).
  • Displays the Periodic Table of Elements in any of the standard configurations using customizable styles and color schemes.
  • Determines the oxidation degree of each element in compound.
  • Organizes and displays the complete series of chemical activity of metals.
  • Converts temperature from one scale to another.
  • Automatic checking of reaction equations.

    ... and much more!

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