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The Chemical Equations Balancer

This mode lets you balance any chemical equation. Simply enter the equation you’d like to balance, press the Balance button and the program will automatically calculate all stoichiometric coefficients in the reaction equation.

To switch to the Chemical Equations Balancer mode:
  • Click the Chemical Equations Balancer button on the toolbar at the top of the program's main window.
  • Select Chemical Equations Balancer in the Mode menu.
To balance a chemical equation, simply enter the chemical equation in the text field at the top of the Enter Reaction tab and click Balance. The result will appear in the Balancing tab (which the program will automatically switch to) as well as in the text field replacing the unbalanced equation.

Example: Say, we need to balance the following equation.


We should:

  1. Switch to the Chemical Equations Balancer (see above).
  2. Enter our equation into the text field under the Balance and Clear buttons.
  3. Click the Balance button.
  4. The program will switch to the Balancing tab and show the result—a balanced equation—in the Reaction box as follows:
  5. 5C6H12O6+24KMnO4+36H2SO4=30CO2+12K2SO4+24MnSO4+66H2O

Tip: To enter a chemical equation you may use a keyboard or the periodic table. Left click on an element to add its lettering to the reaction equation. The tool bar with numeric buttons and some additional buttons (+ and =) can also be used when typing in an equation.

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