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The Element Details Mode

Double clicking an element in the periodic table, when working in the Periodic Table of Elements mode, displays the Element Details.

The Element Details mode shows a detailed table of properties of a selected element. In this mode you can get information about the selected element of the periodic table, including: its main properties (atomic number, abbreviation, molecular weight, etc.), some facts about the element (peculiarities of crystal structure, when, where and by whom it was discovered, etc.), isotopes of this element and their characteristics. You can also enter custom information about the selected element into the database.

To switch to the Element Details mode:
  • Click the Element Details button on the toolbar at the top of the program's main window.
  • Select Element Details in the Mode menu.
Tip: In the Element Details mode you can quickly view information or custom (user-defined) data about other elements of the periodic table without switching to other program modes. To do this, just select the necessary element in the combo box control under the toolbar.

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