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The Periodic Table of Elements Mode

The Periodic Table of Elements mode shows the table of chemical elements. This is the main working mode of the program. Here you can view the periodic table, get information about any chemical element or switch to another PL Table working mode.

To switch to the Periodic Table of Elements mode:
  • Click the Periodic Table of Elements button on the toolbar at the top of the program's main window.
  • Select Periodic Table of Elements in the Mode menu.
Double click an element in the periodic table to switch to the Element Details mode. Read more about this mode in the Element Details Mode topic.

To perform additional actions with an element of the periodic table right click the element and select the necessary action from the context menu. The context menu duplicates commands of the corresponding items of the Main Menu. They are described in the corresponding topics.

The Legend tab shows how different groups of elements are represented in the periodic system. It also lets you switch to the periodic table styles editor. To do this, press the Customize button.

  1. You can find more details about using styles in the Styles topic.
  2. To open the style editing window for the current periodic table style, select the Periodic Table of Elements in the left pane of the program's main window, then open the Legend tab and click the Customize button.
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