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Additional Features

Age System
One of the important Reg Organizer features is the Age System, which helps you keep track of new programs and records appearing in the system Registry.

It tracks down new records (e.g. new programs, new items in the Uninstall tab, new startup items, new registered file extensions, and so on).

When Reg Organizer works in the Manual Registry Cleanup mode, you can see in all tabs (Uninstall, Software, Startup Applications, etc.) the Age column that says whether the corresponding item is New or Old. You can specify the criteria that Reg Organizer will use to judge whether the record is new or old in the Manual Registry Cleanup category of the Settings window. The Age System settings are described below:

Mark as old

  • Automatically - all the newly added records are marked as new. Reg Organizer automatically marks them as old when one of the criteria listed below is met. For example, it can mark the records as old after some days or after you view them for the first time.
  • Manually - all the newly added records are marked as new. Reg Organizer does not mark the records as old automatically, allowing you to do this later by yourself. You can mark a record as old (or, on the contrary, as new) by selecting the Age -> Mark Selected Item(s) as New/Old item in the context menu. Please note that you need to tick off the records prior to changing their status.

Automatic marking settings
(these make sense and are available only if you choose to mark records as old automatically)

  • Mark any viewed record as old - a record is marked as old after you view it at least once. Assume that you have installed a new program on your computer and then run Reg Organizer. The program will be displayed as new in the Software tab. The next time you run Reg Organizer and open the Software tab, the program will be displayed as old (and it will remain marked as old, until you change its status manually or uninstall and then reinstall it).
  • Mark the record as old after N day(s) since it was first time viewed in Reg Organizer - if you choose to automatically mark records this way, Reg Organizer will mark them as old only after the user-defined number of days (2 by default). This working mode is more convenient. You can change the number of days, depending on how often you install new programs on your computer.
By default Reg Organizer automatically marks records as old two days after they were first viewed.

Sometimes you may need to change the records status manually. Please choose the appropriate option as described above.
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