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Automatic Registry Cleanup

Why You Need Automatic Registry Cleanup

Automatic Registry Cleanup quickly detects problems in your system Registry and then either fixes them, if possible, or gets rid of them.

If you work extensively with various programs, the Windows Registry quickly grows with data those programs save to it. Much of the data (keys) added during the installation of a program remains in the Registry even after you correctly uninstall the program. This decreases the performance of your computer.

In addition, as Registry data becomes old or incorrect over time, the stability and performance of both individual programs and the entire Windows operating system may decline.

Furthermore, invalid references unnecessarily occupy valuable space in the Registry. This slows down access to it making your computer run sluggishly, since the Registry is being almost constantly accessed as information is saved to it and read from it.

You should verify the validity of data stored in the Registry from time to time, remove those keys and branches that are no longer used, and delete or repair invalid entries. This is why you need the Automatic Registry Cleanup mode implemented in Reg Organizer.
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