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Applications Uninstaller

Creating and Comparing Registry Snapshots

About Registry Snapshots
Creating Registry Snapshots
Comparing Registry Snapshots


About Registry Snapshots
The Applications Uninstall mode allows you to track all changes made to the system during the installation of a program. However, it is often necessary to find out what changes are made to the system Registry when a program is launched, some operation is performed, etc. Reg Organizer can make and compare Registry snapshots for this purpose.

This feature allows you to make and save any number of snapshots of your system Registry. Then you can select any two snapshots and compare them. Thus, Reg Organizer allows you to discover the changes made to the Registry during the time between the creation of any two snapshots.


Creating Registry Snapshots
Registry snapshot stands for the entire Windows Registry information including all the keys, parameters and data. Reg Organizer allows for creating Registry Snapshots for further comparison. When comparing two snapshots, Reg Organizer reports all the differences between them including new, removed and modified Registry keys and parameters.
To create a Registry snapshot, go to the Applications Uninstall mode and select Create a Registry Snapshot. In the window that appears select the root keys to be included in the snapshot. When you compare two snapshots in future, only the root keys existing in both snapshots will be compared. Once you have selected the desire root keys, press OK to make a snapshot.


Comparing Registry Snapshots
In order to compare two Registry snapshots, go to the Applications Uninstall mode and select Compare Two Snapshots. In the window that appears select the desired snapshots and press OK. Once the snapshot comparison operation is complete, all the changes between two snapshots are written to a log-file. This file can be viewed on Logged Applications tab in the Applications Uninstall mode.

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