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ChemTable Software announces the release of version 4.20 of Reg Organizer, an all-in-one solution for taking care of systemís registry. The new version has enhanced functionality and works even faster than before. Maintain computerís health with ease.

System registry is a complex thing which keeps records on everything that goes on in the system. The problem is that standard Windows procedures often fail to maintain a proper order in the constantly changing environment. The registry gets more and more unsorted, decreasing the overall performance. Reg Organizer offers a handy set of tools needed for a long-term stability of the system. Itíll make your registry well-organized, so that your system will serve you well.

Experienced users will appreciate that Reg Organizer gives you the full control of your registry. With Reg Organizer itís very easy to find any keys and values you need in order to delete or edit them. You can also use the flexible search engine to locate and replace keys according to certain criteria. Itís also possible to keep an eye on registry contents as the tool can monitor changes in the keys you specify. Besides, the program facilitates importing of .reg files into the registry as you can view their contents in the tree-like form directly from Explorer. It also features the autorun inspector allowing you to control what programs start with the system.

In addition, the tool allows you to adjust systemís performance by unlocking undocumented Windows settings (e.g. you can manually set cache memory size and make the system unload unused libraries). Another handy feature is that Reg Organizer supports .ini file editing, so that you can change initial parameters of various applications. Whatís more, with plug-in support Reg Organiser opens up endless opportunity for functional enhancement, allowing you to carry out various specific tasks without purchasing any additional software.

You donít have to be a computer expert to think about your systemís health. Reg Organizer takes it into account by offering some easy-to-use methods for taking care of registry. Ordinary users can turn a registry cleanup into a breeze using the fail-safe cleaning wizard. Itíll automatically find and fix most of the errors and irrelevant data, so that you can quickly put to rights your registry. You can also run defragmentation and compression processes to optimize registry, thus improving systemís performance. With Reg Organizer you can also correctly uninstall any present applications. For your convenience, the bulit-in software uninstaller provides you with a detailed report about changes made by the installation of any application to each of the system components.

Reg Organizer comes with the neat interface and requires minimal time to get accustomed. Most of the basic operations take as long as a couple of clicks. Itís simple enough to be used by everyone. At the same time it offers advanced features, so that you can personally fine tune the registry the way you need it. With Reg Organizer your registry will always be in perfect condition. It got all what it takes to maintain your systemís performance on top level. To get the free trial of the product, please visit

Reg Organizer Pricing and Availability

Reg Organizer runs under all 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows and costs $39.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Licensed customers are entitled to the fully-functional version of the product, free technical support and free upgrades within one year after purchase. Further information on Reg Organizer, as well as a free trial copy is available free of charge from


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