New Reg Organizer: Searching the Registry Ten Times Faster

ChemTable Software announces the upgrade to Reg Organizer, a renowned tool to manage the Windows system registry and optimize computer performance. The new version of Reg Organizer implements numerous performance enhancements enabling it to search the registry up to ten times faster than previous releases.

About Reg Organizer

Reg Organizer allows computer users to fix various registry issues, keep computer performance at optimal levels, and maintain the Windows registry clutter-free and error-free. Reg Organizer can replace Windows regedit.exe with an advanced counterpart, allowing its users to safely tweak and optimize system performance, uninstall applications and remove traces left by incompletely uninstalled products. Powerful search and replace are unique to Reg Organizer as compared to regedit.exe, allowing the user to replace registry values automatically. The new version of Reg Organizer is up to ten times faster at searching the registry than any previous release.

The Windows registry is used by most Windows applications to store configuration data. With regular use, the registry becomes crammed with leftover data. Installing and uninstalling applications leaves traces of data in the system registry, making it grow bigger, becoming less efficient and slowing down the performance of the entire PC.

Reg Organizer optimizes the Windows registry by thoroughly analyzing the registry information and cleaning the leftovers. Reg Organizer tracks information belonging to specific applications, allowing you to perform complete uninstalls with no traces left in the registry.

Reg Organizer provides better handling of tasks that are typically performed by Windows Regedit. Browsing, searching and modifying the registry are implemented with many more options and in a much more convenient manner than in Regedit. Searching and replacing registry values is not implemented in Regedit, but is an integral part of Reg Organizer, allowing the user to replace registry values automatically.

Another task that is handled by Regedit is importing .reg files into the registry. Reg Organizer makes importing .reg files safer and more transparent than Regedit by displaying the .reg files being imported as a registry tree, complete with all keys that are about to be imported.

About ChemTable Software

ChemTable Software develops performance enhancement and system optimization software for Windows PCs. The company’s products make it possible to implement various tweaks to the performance of a PC, edit the Windows registry, optimize, defragment and compress registry files.

Reg Organizer is available as a free evaluation download at: