ChemTable Software announces Reg Organizer 2.0

Complete Windows registry maintenance software suite released March, 3 2004

ChemTable Software announced version 2.0 of its feature packed registry maintenance solution allowing Windows users to take full control over the registry database using a set of easy-to-use tools for optimizing system performance. The application offers advanced registry management methods that are not included in Windows package making it possible to preview .reg file before adding data to registry, automatically find, replace and delete multiple instances of user-specified registry keys and values as well as clean up obsolete registry entries and monitor certain registry keys modifications.

Reg Organizer is intended both for home and corporate users who would like to take advantage of operating system hidden functionality in order to keep registry clean and overall system operation up to maximum. Besides the built-in functionality, Reg Organizer is capable of learning new file formats and process .ini file settings on-the-fly which turns the application into a handy tool for managing any data associated with any program installed on the system. Despite the fact that Reg Organizer has so many technologically complex functions it is both very easy to learn and use. Comprehensive help system, intuitive user-interface and tight Windows shell integration contribute to this factor.

"As we have looked into the problem of proper Windows registry management and maintenance we found there virtually no software solutions that allow the advanced user take full control over system database," - said Konstantin Polyakov, CEO of ChemTable Software. "And that, sometimes, is the reason of software conflicts and unsteady system operation. Since there are many ill-thought registry management solutions out there they just keep conflicting with each other due to simultaneous resource usage. Our goal was to create all-inclusive software that would allow power users manage every possible aspect of software to registry interaction!"

According to Mr. Polyakov "ChemTable Software did its best to come up with real handy Windows control, maintenance and tune-up software solution that both can handle existing issues and learn the new data interchange formats!".

ChemTable Software, founded in 1999, first did specialize in developing scientific chemistry software solutions. Today, the company is concentrated on further development of Windows registry maintenance solutions for end-users and system administrators. ChemTable Software policy is to utilize in process of creation of SO/HO software the same technologies that are used in creating scientific software.

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