The Reg Organizer Registry Manager. What's new in version 4.0

  • A new Registry Optimization Mode was added, which is intended for physical optimization of System Registry files on your system. The optimization process includes compression and defragmentation of the System Registry, which can increase system performance and free up extra space on your hard drive.
  • Improvements in Invalid Registry References Repair:
    • A smarter algorithm was developed, so the program achieves a more perfect repair of broken Registry references.
    • Increased speed.
    • Improved interface, so using this function is easier.
    • Bugs fixed. Specifically, eliminated the bug in earlier versions where some computers froze while the program was fixing broken references in specific cases.
  • Automatic Registry Cleanup Mode bugfixes and improvements:
    • Added ability to find and remove obsolete software records.
    • The sequence of the interface items in the Automatic Registry Cleanup Mode window would change when the window was resized.
    • By default, the "Switch to the Results tab on completion" option did not work, even even when its check box was enabled.
    • Invalid DLL references found using Automatic Registry Cleanup Mode were not removed from the Registry after pressing the "Remove Selected" button.
    • Algorithm improvements.
  • Applications Uninstall Mode changes:
    • A new "Expand All" button was added to the "Logged Applications" tab allowing you to expand all the nodes of the changes tree with one click to make the entire tree visible.
    • The "Open Log" button was removed from the "Logged Applications" tab. It became unnecessary in the current version as now the contents of a log file are displayed as soon as the log file is selected in the drop-down list.
  • Disk Cleanup Mode changes:
    • Searching for useless files now works faster.
    • In some cases this mode did not work correctly with files having an extension of four or more characters in length (excluding the "." character).
  • Changes to the interface:
    • Specific options for working with some modes were moved to their corresponding mode pages in the main Settings window. This simplified the access to these program settings, as they are now centralized in one window. Navigation in the Settings window was also simplified.
    • The Ignore Lists of Automatic Registry Cleanup and Disk Cleanup were moved to the main Settings window. Also the interface of both Ignore Lists was synchronized. The useless files wildcards editing feature ("Masks" tab of the Disk Cleanup window in the earlier versions) was also moved to the Settings window.
    • The "Registry Search and Replace Mode" command was removed from the quick launch panel in the upper part of the main window. In its place the "View Backups" command was added.
    • Some elements in the "Conventions" tab of the Registry Editing Mode could be displayed in two rows and in wrong order after changing their size and restarting the program.
  • While creating a new parameter in Registry Editing Mode the system now always offers a unique name for the newly created parameter.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Some startup items of the default user's profile (files of this profile are located in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users) may not have been displayed in the "Startup Applications" tab in Manual Registry Cleanup Mode.
    • After adding or cloning a key in the Registry Editing Mode the newly created key remained unselected.
    • After pressing the "Start" button in the Disk Cleanup Mode no scanning was conducted on some computers. The program immediately displayed the results stating that no unnecessary files had been found while such files were in fact present on the disks.
    • The "View All Changes by Installation" command of the context menu in the "Uninstall" tab in Manual Registry Cleanup Mode did not work. This command is supposed to show log files for a specified application (if any) by switching into Applications Uninstall Mode. The log files were not shown; the program simply switched into Applications Uninstall Mode.
    • The "Remove" button in the upper part of the Manual Registry Cleanup Mode window did not work.
    • The program incorrectly determined the path to the startup application folder in Start Menu. This sometimes would result in not displaying some items that ran on Windows Startup in the "Startup Applications" tab in Manual Registry Cleanup Mode.
    • When using the "Details for the ... key" command of the context menu in Registry Editing Mode for the first time, the program would display nothing in the "Last write to the key" field of the key information window. When calling this command a second time, the correct value of the last write date was displayed.
    • Reg Organizer could crash in some systems when trying to open by either "Open With... Menu" or "Applications Paths" tab of Manual Registry Cleanup Mode.
    • When trying to remove several items at once from the "Open With... Menu" tab of the Manual Registry Cleanup Mode only the last selected item was removed.


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