Time-tested Veteran in Registry Management Comes with New Features

ChemTable software announces the release of Reg Organizer 4.10. Reg Organizer is designed to search inside entire Windows Registry for errors and invalid entries and repair them before they cause trouble. Reg Organizer 4.10 runs under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 and Vista.

Chemtable Software, an award-winning provider of educational and Registry optimization software, has announced Reg Organizer 4.10, a new, radically enhanced version of the system Registry cleaner for Windows OS. Priced at $39.95, the software prevents slow system performance and system crashes. The program allows users to manage the entire system Registry, search for errors and invalid entries, and remove them safely.

Reg Organizer has been at the forefront of Registry optimization software since 2001, and keeps holding its top-ranking position in the marketplace thanks to Chemtable’s commitment to improvement and technical innovations. In terms of functionality and usability, version 4.10 is a leap forward, delivering a host of new features and bug fixes.

Some of these new features and fixes include:

  • Compatibility with Vista -- The current release has been optimized and tested for full compatibility with Microsoft’s Windows Vista.
  • Detection of old, useless entries at one glance -- Users of the new version will discover a new convenience -- the opportunity to check the status of each entry in the MUI Cache section of Manual Registry Cleanup, seeing old entries instantly.
  • Improved ‘Search and Replace’ functionality -- The Advanced Search and Replace Functions submenu in Registry Editing mode has been re-written and works as it should, without flaws.
  • Ability to rename entries more conveniently -- The program will let users create entries in Registry Editing mode in a more convenient manner. Unlike the earlier versions, users can specify the status of an entry (normal or default) while creating it.
  • Ability to know what entries are beyond repair -- The program will now show a separate group in the Registry entries repair window, showing the entries that were not repaired.

Find out more about the new Reg Organizer by following this link: http://www.chemtable.com/extras/RegOrganizer410_WhatsNew.htm

Reg Organizer is designed to search inside entire Windows Registry for errors and invalid entries and repair them before they cause trouble. Registry keeps all important information about the system. If this data is missing or damaged, it leads to instability, application crashes and slow performance. Reg Organizer, with its complete set of Registry optimization tools, lets users safeguard Registry and creates snapshots of the system to track changes in the Registry and the entire system in order to fix problems when needed.


Founded in 1999, ChemTable Software focuses on the development of innovative Registry optimization and educational software. It is the author of Reg Organizer, an all-in-one Registry optimization suite, and PL Table, a complete information source for chemical elements. Both products received top ratings from product reviewers and mass media and are successfully marketed worldwide. For more information about ChemTable and its product line, please visit http://www.chemtable.com.

Product page URL: http://www.chemtable.com/organizer.htm
Download link: http://www.chemtable.com/files/regon.zip
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