The Reg Organizer Registry Manager. What's new in version 4.10

If you are a registered user, you may need to enter your registration data in the program again after the installation.

  • The program supports the Windows Vista operating system.
  • The "MUI Cache" section of Manual Registry Cleanup now also displays the status of each entry, which allows you to quickly detect old entries that must be removed from the Registry (if there are any).
  • The functionality of the "Advanced Search and Replace Functions" submenu of the right-click menu in Registry Editing mode has been improved.
  • The procedure of creating new entries has been enhanced in Registry Editing mode. Renaming entries is now more convenient. Also, the new version allows you to specify the kind of entry (either normal or default) while you are creating it.
  • A separate group in the Registry entries repair window now shows entries that the program failed to repair.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • The values of found invalid entries were displayed incorrectly in Automatic Registry Cleanup mode in case their type was different from REG_SZ, REG_MULTI_SZ and REG_DWORD.
    • When working in Application Uninstall mode during the operations that took a long time, the window showing the progress of these operations could be hidden behind the main Application Uninstall mode window, which is incorrect. The same problem has been fixed for this as well as other progress windows in the program.
    • After reg- and ini-files were associated with Reg Organizer, they could be opened incorrectly if they were stored in a folder with spaces in its name.
    • When using the "Update" command of the Main Menu in Registry Editing mode, some entries, if they were deleted by another process, could remain undeleted from the Registry tree of Reg Organizer's Registry Editing mode.
    • The number of subkeys shown in the selected Registry key information window ("Details..." command of the right-click menu on the Registry key in Registry Editing mode) showed a number larger than the actual number by one.
    • Registry Optimization Mode does not work correctly on computers running Windows 2000. The "External Exception EEFFACE" error could occur when running the Registry Optimization under the specified operation system. In the current version this was fixed, but only the ability to compact the Registry is available in Registry Optimization Mode under Windows 2000 installed on disks with the NTFS file system. The Defragmentation option is not available on such systems due to problems in the Windows 2000 defragmentation API on NTFS disks.
    • When you launched cleanup for the second time in Disk Cleanup mode, the program could show an invalid number of detected problems in the line "Total problem files found".
    • In rare cases, the program could freeze on some computers during an attempt to save Registry keys to reg files.
    • The program could fail to ignore folders added by the user to the Ignore List of Disk Cleanup if the "\" character was at the end of the paths to these folders (for example, "C:\Test\Ignore\").
    • When adding an entry to the Ignore List with the "In the value data" scope, it could be erroneously set to another value: "Anywhere".
    • Some commands of the right-click menu in the search results list of the Search and Replace Mode does not work.
  • Fixed incompatibility between Disk Cleanup feature and Microsoft Office. This might result in incorrect work of Microsoft Office after using Disk Cleanup Mode.


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