The Reg Organizer Registry Manager - What's New

The Reg Organizer Registry Manager. What's new in version 4.22

  • Added ability to export the registry key to a file without subkeys.
  • Added ability to import binary registry files.
  • Now Reg Organizer allows you to export registry keys or the entire registry to reg files both in the modern format with Unicode encoding and in the old Windows 98/NT4 format with ANSI encoding.
  • During the registry files import and export, operation progress is now displayed.
  • While saving the registry search results to a file, the program also adds information about the search string and the number of matches to it.
  • Column widths in all main tables showing data are automatically adjusted when changing the table size.
  • The Automatic Registry Cleanup feature does not show entries which cannot be removed and repaired (due to the insufficient privileges of the user in the system).
  • Better performance on system data changing operations. These include modifying and deleting the registry data, deleting files, using Application Uninstall mode, and some other operations.
  • Disk Cleanup mode:
    • Searching for invalid files is now faster.
    • The Disk Cleanup mode Ignore List now supports the Clean Folders feature. Now the program looks up the Ignore List while preparing for deleting objects and does not delete ones that match the Ignore List.
    • The Disk Cleanup mode context menu now has a command for saving found objects to a text file.
  • Interface improvements:
    • The Disk Cleanup results view has been optimized. The number of columns in the results table has been reduced for easier reading.
    • The Registry Editing mode context menu has been optimized: Commands that are not available at the moment are no longer displayed. Also when right- clicking on the key, the menu contains only the commands related to the key, not the value, and vice versa.
    • Changes in the program main menu: The "Selection" submenu (available when using the Manual Registry Cleanup mode) allows you to quickly mark several entries at once. Rarely used commands have been removed from the "Commands" submenu. The "Search" submenu has been removed from the main menu as it was rarely used.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • When a file mask was disabled in the Settings of the Disk Cleanup mode, the program still searched for unnecessary files using this mask.
    • Some computers running under Windows Vista could freeze during a search through the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry key.
    • The "Access violation..." error message after a right click on any item on the "Shell Folders" tab in the Manual Registry Cleanup mode.
    • An attempt to delete the default key values in the Registry Editing mode did not result in actual deletion.
    • After renaming any log file in the Application Uninstall mode, the program could fail to show some of the registry keys associated with this log file when viewing it.
    • After renaming a value or key in the Registry Editing mode, the old (before renaming) name of the value or the key could be displayed in the main menu and in the context menu of the mode.
    • The size of very large files could be displayed incorrectly (as a negative number) in the "Size, bytes" column of the list with the results of the Disk Cleanup mode.
    • When trying to remove unnecessary files using the Disk Cleanup mode under Windows Vista, some of them could remain unremoved.
    • After removing a program from the "Software" tab of the Manual Registry Cleanup Mode, the useless empty key related to the deleted application could remain unremoved.
    • Incorrect items sorted by size in the Disk Cleanup results table could occur, if one contains files of a very large size.
    • When copying and renaming the registry keys containing values of REG_MILTI_SZ and some other types that rarely occurred in the registry, the type of these values might be erroneously changed to REG_NONE.
    • Removing some items from the New File Menu tab in the Manual Registry Cleanup mode could result not only in this item being removed from the menu, but also in unregistering the file association of the corresponding file type in the system.
    • Sometimes it was impossible to remove unnecessary files found with the Disk Cleanup feature.
    • During the recovery of log files in the software removal mode, the registry parameters of the REG_MULTI_SZ and REG_EXPAND_SZ types containing characters from national alphabets could be processed incorrectly.


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