The Reg Organizer Registry Manager. What's new in version 3.3

  • The program is faster at performing Registry operations.
  • Automatic Registry Cleanup mode improvements:
    • The algorithm used to search for invalid entries in the Registry was improved. The search is safer and works faster.
    • In the Settings tab of the Automatic Registry Cleanup window new options were added that enable you to exclude nonexistent or unidentifiable disks. Also, for better accessibility, options from the global Settings windows concerning Automatic Registry Cleanup were moved to this tab.
    • Some computers had a problem of repeatedly accessing a CD-ROM or floppy drive during Registry analysis when searching for invalid references (even if the "Ignore CD-ROM and floppy disk references" option was activated).
    • The Ignore List code was rewritten. Now, any records a user adds to the Ignore List will not be lost after installing a new version of Reg Organizer.
  • Interface changes:
    • The Modes Panel was updated.
    • Some graphical elements were updated.
    • The search window (in which the search results from the Search and Replace Mode were duplicated) was removed from the Registry Editing Mode. Now, the search and/or replace results are displayed only in the "Results" tab of the Search and Replace Mode.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • After using the "Update" command of the Main Menu some elements of the program interface were sometimes displayed incorrectly.
    • When using the "Information on..." command in the context menu for a startup item in the "Startup Applications" tab, an odd window with information about a previously selected element from a different tab might sometimes appear.
    • Pressing the "Close" button in the new key creation window in Registry Editing mode sometimes resulted in the creation of a new key.
    • In the Configuration Files Editing Mode when the context menu "Open an Ini File" command was selected, the file selection dialog was shown twice.
    • An error occurred when opening an ini file via Windows Explorer in Reg Organizer: after opening such a file Reg Organizer did not switch to the Configuration Files Editing mode, but continued operating in the same mode the user worked in during the previous Reg Organizer session.
    • In the "Startup Applications" tab of Registry Cleanup mode the context menu section to view the information about the startup processes was inaccessible. This issue concerned only those startup processes which were located in the Windows folder, as well as in system folders.
  • Fixed bugs in Configuration Files Editing Mode:
    • After creating a new section, a new item added to the "Sections and Keys" tree-like control corresponding to the newly created section sometimes had the wrong image (at the left of the item's label).
    • The same situation sometimes happened when creating a new key.
    • Creating/removing a section or a key didn't change the display of the number of these items in the "Sections and Keys" tree-like control.
    • Any recent files loaded into the program were not saved in the drop-down list of the filename field.
  • A new version of the compiler was used to build the program.


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