Web Forum Reader. What's new in version 1.10

  • With the new Scheduler feature the program is now able to watch the specified resources and notify you about new and changed topics when they appear.
  • Now it is possible to view the actual (new or changed) topics of all resources added to the program with one click. Open the "Latest topics" tab in the main window of the program to view the actual topics.
  • Interface improvements:
    • Added ability to change the layout of the program's main window controls. The corresponding settings were added to the new "View" submenu of the program's Main menu.
    • When you move the mouse over either the table with topics or the built-in browser showing a topic, the input focus is automatically switched to these objects. It allows you to use the mouse wheel to scroll the contents of the specified control elements without making the preliminary click.
    • Ability to automatically hide the "My Resources" panel.
  • When quickly scrolling through the tables of data, the content does not flicker any more.
  • Bug fixed: when synchronizing a resource, some new topics could not be be displayed.


Product page URL: http://www.chemtable.com/WebForumReader.htm

Download link (Full version): http://www.chemtable.com/files/WebForumReader.zip (2.1 Mb)

Download link (Lite version): http://www.chemtable.com/files/WebForumReader_Lite.zip (1.3 Mb)
E-mail: support@chemtable.com
Web: http://www.chemtable.com