Web Forum Reader. What's new in version 1.11

  • The simultaneous synchronization of several resources now performs faster due to the use of multithreading.
  • The resources synchronization speed is much faster now. (Due to the algorithm changes after upgrading to this version, the topics loaded with version 1.10 or earlier will not be shown.)
  • Search feature changes and improvements:
    • Searching in new and changed topics only.
    • Matches are highlighted in bold in the search results table.
    • The search feature outputs information in the correct encoding.
    • Resources which were selected for searching are used by default for future searches.
  • The resources importing procedure has been optimized.
  • Correct decoding of special html constructions like "& #33;" in the names and additional information fields of the topics.


Product page URL: http://www.chemtable.com/WebForumReader.htm

Download link (Full version): http://www.chemtable.com/files/WebForumReader.zip (2.1 Mb)

Download link (Lite version): http://www.chemtable.com/files/WebForumReader_Lite.zip (1.3 Mb)
E-mail: support@chemtable.com
Web: http://www.chemtable.com