The Reg Organizer Registry Manager. What's new in version 3.0

  • The Automatic Registry Cleanup mode now lets you find incorrect references to help files in the Help section of the Registry. The corresponding item named "Invalid help file items" was added to the "Check the System Registry for..." list.
  • The Disk Cleanup mode was improved significantly. Now it is possible to search and delete many more file types. The performance of this mode was improved and bugs were fixed.
  • Changes to the Registry Cleanup mode:
    • A new tab was added to the Registry Cleanup mode - "MUI Cache". Information about applications long ago deleted is often stored in this branch of the Registry. Now these records can be identified and deleted.
    • The ability to view separate categories of startup applications. For example, now you can see what programs start automatically from the win.ini file.
    • All tabs in the Registry Cleanup mode can now display records of a certain age (old, new or all).
    • It is possible now to edit the file paths of the start-up applications.
  • Improvements to the function of correcting invalid links to files and folders in the Registry:
    • You can now specify disks for a search. Reg Organizer will search only those specified disks for files and folders to which invalid links are pointing. In previous versions all hard drives were searched, which was not always convenient. You can now select the necessary disks on the new tab of the invalid links window.
    • It is possible now to correct not only records that contain an invalid link in a parameter value, but also records that contain an invalid link in a parameter name. As a result, more links can be corrected with the help of Reg Organizer.
    • Invalid links to dynamic libraries (DLL) can now also be corrected.
  • The ability to edit log files was added to the Software Uninstall mode. You can delete Registry keys from log files or save them from log files to reg files.
  • A new "Remove the selected value" command was added to the context menu in Registry Editing Mode.
  • The speed of creating a list of programs in the "Uninstall Menu" of Registry Editing Mode was vastly improved. In previous versions it could have taken a lot of time if a large number of log files were created by Reg Organizer.
  • Age System change: now Reg Organizer stores information about new registry entries in a file instead of the system Registry. This reduces the size of the Registry. After executing this newest version of Reg Organizer all previous Age System data is automatically removed from the Registry.
  • A new "Size" column was added to the results list of Disk Cleanup. In this column is the size of each of the files.
  • Ability to rename log files. A new "Rename Log" button was added to the Uninstall Mode.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Reg Organizer would sometimes keep some of the removed entries on the list when using the "Remove Selected" button in the Automatic Registry Cleanup.
    • The option, "Switch to the Results tab on completion" in the Advanced tab of Automatic Registry Cleanup did not save its state.
    • Reg Organizer would ignore a pressing of the "Mark All" and "Unmark All" keys located in the Automatic Registry Cleanup window.
    • The "Previous" button on the toolbar in Registry Cleanup Mode would sometimes cause an error when pressed.
    • Couldn't rename binary registry values in Registry Editing Mode.
    • The context menu sometimes did not work properly for the new "MUI Cache" tab in Registry Cleanup Mode.
    • The error message "Cannot focus a disabled window" occurred when switching to the Ignore List in Disk Cleanup Mode if the option "Ignore file if its name or path contains any of these words" was turned off.
    • The Registry repair feature would scan the Recycle Bin when searching for the correct location of non-existent files on the disk.
  • Some changes to the interface:
    • The icons size in the program's main window was reduced. An option that allowed icon pictures to be hidden was removed from the "View" submenu.
    • The ability to change the background image of the Reg Organizer bar was eliminated.
    • The "File Cleanup" and the "Shell Settings" buttons were moved to the mode panel (Reg Organizer bar) on the left side of the program's main window.
  • The "Start" command sometimes did not work on the automatic start-up applications tab and this was fixed.
  • The Check For Reg Organizer Update plug-in was updated to version 1.5. Fixed bug: the plug-in would display empty text strings when working under some systems. The latest version of this plug-in can be downloaded from:


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