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The Reg Organizer Registry Manager. What's new in version 3.2

  • A new "MSI Installer" tab was added to Registry Cleanup Mode. Applications that were installed with the Windows Installer (from MSI packages) are listed here.
  • The command "Show the Uninstall Registry Keys of ..." in the context menu of Registry Cleanup Mode was improved so it performs a more effective search of the Registry. In a number of cases this lets you find more Uninstall Registry keys that are relevant to the selected application.
  • The Uninstall Software mode was improved:
    • The analyzing of changes during a compare of system snapshots was sped up. Formerly, this procedure could take a lot of time. This sometimes happened while installing large applications, or during a comparison of system snapshots, when too many changes had been made to the system.
    • The algorithm of opening log files was modified. Now it is possible to work with very large logs. In previous versions, opening a large log could take time.
    • The procedure of working with a selection (in the "Objects to Trace" tab) in Uninstall Mode was rewritten. In the previous versions loading or saving a selection would work incorrectly in some cases.
    • Some buttons in Uninstall Software Mode were reordered to increase useability.
  • In Registry Cleanup Mode, at the "Software" tab, there is now the capability to view only the registered programs of a specific author. On the Tab Selection bar, near the "Software" item, there are now subitems, which correspond with different authors. In addition, there is "All Authors", to display every program registered in the system.
  • The "Full Expand" button was added in the window for viewing the contents of registry files (.reg). It fully expands the registry key tree, in order to view all the keys.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Sometimes the status of entries in the "Application Paths" tab in Registry Cleanup Mode were displayed incorrectly.
    • Some applications in the "Open With... Menu" tab in Registry Cleanup Mode were not displayed on the list, yet were present in the "Open With" menu of Windows Explorer.
    • When choosing the "View Changes" command in the context menu of Registry Cleanup Mode (Uninstall Menu tab) the program switched to the Uninstall Mode and could show the wrong name of the displaying log file in the "Logged Application" tab.
    • Some applications in the "Uninstall Mode" tab of the Registry Cleanup Mode were not displayed occasionally.
    • Previously while working in Registry Cleanup Mode, when switching from one tab to another, the active tab was sometimes displayed incorrectly.
    • The program might display the error message "Invalid argument to date encode" when opening the "ARP Cache" tab in Registry Cleanup Mode.
  • The "Hide Button Images" context menu was removed from Registry Cleanup Mode as it was generally unused.
  • The list of Automatic Registry Cleanup Mode exclusions (the ignore list) was updated.
  • The registry key, in which Reg Organizer stores its settings, was changed. If you are using the CheckForUpdate plug-in for Reg Organizer, it is strongly recommended to update it from: http://www.chemtable.com/files/plugins/CheckForUpdate.zip to prevent incorrect work of the plug-in.


Product page URL: http://www.chemtable.com/organizer.htm
Download link: http://www.chemtable.com/files/regon.zip (1.58 Mb)
E-mail: support@chemtable.com
Web: http://www.chemtable.com, http://www.regorganizer.com

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