PL Table - The Electronic Periodic Table of Elements. What's new in version 4.0

  • Chemical reaction balancing was enhanced. Now PL Table balances any chemical equations instantly.
  • New user-friendly interface.
  • Now any number of multiple parentheses can de used in the chemical equation.
  • The metal activity series display was improved. Now it is possible to view chemical reactivity with hydrogen-ion sources in this window.
  • Periodic system's full screen view was added. Simply press F11 or use the menu selection.
  • Temperature scale conversion tool was updated.
  • Now the user can add and/or modify data directly in PL Table, no need to download additional utilities for this.
  • Added descriptions for each type of crystal structure.
  • New periodic system styles editor was added, so you can change the periodic system view (font, color, etc).
  • Other minor changes and improvements.


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