PL Table - The Electronic Periodic Table of Elements. What's new in version 4.30

  • Support for Windows Vista.
  • Now the periodic table is displayed faster.
  • PL Table remembers the sizes of all its windows after you resize them.
  • Now it is more convenient to enter chemical equations and substances in the chemical reaction balancing mode and in the Chemical Calculator. Formerly, when you entered elements by clicking their images, they were always added at the end of the string. Now they are added at the cursor position.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • The "+" and "=" buttons did not work in the reaction balancing mode.
    • The program froze when you entered the parenthesis character on the "Oxidation State in the Compound" tab in the Chemical Calculator.
  • More precise results in the temperature conversion tool.
  • All user data is now stored in the application data folder of the current user profile. This allows each user to have his/her own settings in a multi-user environment.


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