Reg Organizer 5.0 Beta 1 - What's New

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Reg Organizer 5.0 Beta 1 - What's New

Postby Konstantin Polyakov » Wed Jul 22, 2009 6:24 am

Reg Organizer 5.0 beta 1 has been released.

Download URL:


* A new function has been added - System Express Check. It quickly analyzes
the main system components and displays information about the extent to
which they need correction or optimization.

* Changes in the Manual Registry Cleanup function:

1) A new category of registry objects, "Registered Applications",
was added. It allows you to view, edit or delete applications
registered in a respective registry key.

2) Convenient management of the entries list thanks to the ability to
group items by a selected attribute. Corresponding grouping
options can be accessed by clicking the Group button on the
toolbar in a corresponding mode.

3) Now it’s easier to notice invalid and suspicious registry entries
since they are shown in separate groups by default. Invalid entries
can be deleted by clicking a link in the bottom right corner of the

4) Changes to the startup processes section:

- Additional entry information is displayed, including the
information about the developer of the startup program
and its description.

- Support of entries registered in the RunOnceEx registry key.

Note: the startup entries disabled in the versions of Reg
Organizer prior to 5.0 will not be displayed in the current
version. Therefore, it is recommended to enable all
disabled startup entries before updating to 5.0.

5) An ability to edit entries was added for some new types of items
displayed in the Manual Registry Cleanup feature. For example,
it was added for entries displayed in the "Applications Paths" and
"MUI Cache" registry areas.

6) Ability to display only entries that contains the entered string. To
use this feature enter the text you want to use as filter to the
input field on the toolbar of the Manual Registry Cleanup mode.

* Changes in the Automatic Registry Cleanup function:

1) The program enables you to detect and correct over 18 categories
of registry errors.

2) Simpler and more intuitive interface of the Automatic Registry
Cleanup function.

* Changes in the Registry Editor:

1) A functional editor of registry files (.reg) was added to the
program. The edited registry file is displayed as a tree, and the
program supports virtually all possible operations with the
registry file like with the registry itself: adding/deleting keys,
adding/modifying parameters, etc.

2) An ability to copy a key to any registry key. In the previous
version, the location of the key to which the key could be copied
and that of the original key had to be the same.

3) The Favorites function supports adding both keys and parameters.

4) The following registry value types are now supported (this
includes displaying and editing): REG_RESOURCE_LIST,

5) Upon exiting the registry editor, the program remembers the last key
the user worked with and opens it at the next registry editor start
(this feature can be disabled in the program settings).

* 17 settings for Windows Vista were added to the system fine-tuning feature
named Tweaks.

* A considerable number of interface items were improved to simplify the use
of the program.

* Disc Cleaner function: improved speed and enhanced safeness of operation.

* The program supports Windows Aero effects when running under Windows Vista.

* The following errors have been corrected:

1) Manual Registry Cleanup: no registry backup was created when deleting
disabled startup entries.

2) The "Delete file from registry" command in the File menu could work

3) When updating data in the registry editor after choosing the Update
command of the "Commands" submenu, some updated keys could not

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