System Restore Point creation. The "Traced" column

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System Restore Point creation. The "Traced" column

Postby johnw » Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:21 am

Reg Organizer 6.0 beta 3: Using windows 8

Regarding bug fix: When an application was removed using the Application
Uninstaller tool, a message "For safety purposes a system
restore point has been created" was shown even if a
restore point wasn't created.

Installed a program using default settings in reg organizer and trace settings.
then uninstall program:
Says the message - but that's not the problem as it should be displayed! However no windows system restore point was created the last one was from the day before.
Also Clicking the column header in a list sorts the list by column list but has no effect on the "traced Column".

Just had a thought, could the reason be that reg organizer did not do a restore point be because although several hours had past since last restore point Less than an hours past when the computer was on in other words the restore point was created just before computer was turned off (for the night) then did test first thing on start up (in the morning).
BTW tested it under both conditions for message and that worked. with System restore disabled, then with it enabled in windows but unchecked under commands...settings...Applications Uninstaller.

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Re: System Restore Point creation. The "Traced" column

Postby Konstantin Polyakov » Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:59 pm

Regarding the System Restore Point creation. This is a peculiarity of Windows 8 that if any System Restore Point has been created during the last 24 hours, the request to create the new one from an application will be ignored ( ... 85%29.aspx). But the current version of Reg Organizer does not takes this into account yet.

Regarding the sorting. Please note that if you are using the grouped view of the list, the items are sorted within the groups while the positions of the groups itself are not changed.

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