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User ability

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Vista Home Premium SP2, 32 bit

In my initial registry scan with trial version of Reg Organizer there were nearly 1600 problems found.

The biggest share were system-wide application settings (893), followed by application data (184), user-wide application settings (173), file-type associations (61), installed programs (15), MUI cache problems (15), application paths (1).

I'm just a home user and I live 100 miles from the nearest computer shop so I'm not anxious to make my machine unusable.

Would a person DARE to just go ahead and select FIX to all these problems?

I haven't bought the program yet because I'm not sure I would be able to use it.

I think there are a lot of little things with my computer that are causing problems. I've still got plenty of HD space, I have 4 GB RAM. I have tried to keep my startup programs pared down.

Everything is slow to open, whether it be programs or browser or just folders. There are little glitches, like, I haven't had "Run as administrator" available in my right-click context menu for ages. I don't know what happened to it. If I have to run something as admin I have to pin it to the start menu and then I get the RAA option by right clicking.

I'm sure it isn't a virus because I have always maintained good protection, keep things up to date and run regular scans. Right now I have the paid version of Malwarebytes and the paid version of Emsisoft. I am using Windows firewall.

I'd appreciate some help and advice and thank you in advance.

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Re: User ability

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If you're still with the problem, I can give you other tips.


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Re: User ability

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The registry problems found by Reg Organizer are safe to remove. Nevertheless, there is an undoing changes feature in the program which may rollback all registry cleaner changes, see the Undoing Changes Center button at the right bottom part of the main Reg Organizer's window.

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