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Full Uninstall 2.0 beta 4 - What's New

Postby Anton Maksimov » Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:37 am

The new Full Unisntall 2.0 beta 4 has been released.

Download Full Uninstall 2.0 beta 4

What's New in 2.0 beta 4:

* Fixed bugs.

What's New in 2.0 beta 3:

* The error "Abnormal program termination" when closing the program and
some other bugs have been fixed.

What's New in 2.0 beta 2:

* The installer execution tracking program has been updated.

* Fixed bugs.

What's New in 2.0 beta 1:

* Now you can perform complete uninstallation of the unnecessary programs
from your system, even if they were installed without tracing changes. Upon
uninstalling, a search for information left by this program is performed
and you are asked then if you want to remove these data too.

* In the main window of the Application Uninstaller tool the number of
traces left by the selected application in the system is shown now with an
ability to see the detailed information.

* Ability to rename the installed applications. The new name will be displayed
only within Full Uninstall. Thus you may give a brief comment to any
of the installed applications.

* Quick navigation to the registry keys and folders directly from the
application system traces window.

* When you select the installer file using the button in the application
installation with tracing window, the path where this file is located will
be remembered. Later when choosing a new file this folder will be opened
by default.

* When viewing the traced application uninstall results the window now can
be maximized to the full screen.

* Bugs fixed:

1) Some parts of the interface could display incorrectly under the
classic Windows theme.

2) Under 64-bit system when choosing the command to show the registry
key related to the application, the standard registry editing tool
was shown, but the registry key opened by default was different from
one that should be displayed.

3) Some programs installed with Windows Installer could not be

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