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Francisco Martínez

Soft Organizer gets rid of any application installed on your computer in a simple, thorough, and efficient way, traces included.

Francisco Martínez


Thanks! I could not remove some antivirus programs from Windows 10. Tried everything! Always the same error! I was nearly ready to re-install the system, but stumbled on your wonderful program at last. And it did it! All difficulties are gone. Soft Organnizer is a very good app!

Nikita, Belgorod


The program is so great! Finds leftovers that many tools missed before!

Alexander, Cherkassy


The program thoroughly removes leftovers of previously removed programs. The installation tracking technology is crucial because it allows you to remove unnecessary programs completely!

Maxim, Saint Petersburg

Ana Marculescu

A compact tool that packs a user-friendly layout for helping you remove the unwanted applications from your compute, and keeping an eye on the changes made to the system while installing new utilities.

Ana Marculescu

Taylor Finstad

I absolutely love Soft Organizer. Instead of double clicking the exe files, I just right click and choose "Install With Tracing In Soft Organizer" and every single thing that program does to my computer is tracked, so I know if it does something wrong, and if it does and I delete it, I will absolutely delete it. Soft Organizer makes sure that no spyware, additional hidden programs, menu add-ons, unnecessary space-consuming files and registry changes are left here. I've had it for a year and just renewed my license. I use Soft Organizer multiple times a month and will continue to for a long time.

Taylor Finstad

Vasily Orlov

Thank you for the program. I also use a competitor's app and can see the difference. Soft Organizer is at least on par with the other tool, and there are unique features too.

Vasily Orlov, Kaluga


I would like to thank the creators of the program. I've used it over a year, starting from earlier versions. I like how the team reacts instantly to changes in the computer world. I wish the developers the best of luck. Well done, guys!

Igor, Sevastopol
Katar school


I'd like to thank you for the program! I couldn't remove some programs that were hanging in my documents, and Soft Organizer easily did the trick.

Andrey, Dnepropetrovsk


A unique program. Very convenient, very straightforward. Works great too! Thank you VERY MUCH.

Vitaly, Kiev, Ukraine


Very good program. And very helpful.



The program is handy, quick (or seems so) and without any hidden catches!

Vladimir, Odessa


Very good software. Finds traces of programs removed ages ago. Overall, a good value for the price.

Vyacheslav, Yekaterinburg


Astounding tool! The installation tracking function is just what I looked for. Thank you!



Very useful program! I love it!



Good program

Valeryi, Izhevsk


I wasn't expecting miracles, but the program turned out to be great! Many thanks.

Sergey, Nizhnevartovsk


Nice software. I wish you the best of luck.

Nikolay, Tula


Useful like hell. Thank you. Timely updates too!

Vladimir, Saint Petersburg


Helped me several times and still helps. Thousands of thanks!

Dmitry, Tashkent

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