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What's New in Reg Organizer 8.16

Version 8.16 (May 21, 2018):

  • Improved cleaning of the Obsolete Downloads cleanup location. Now Reg Organizer offers to review the files recommended for the removal to from the Downloads folder before the actual deletion.

Version 8.15 (May 17, 2018):

  • Added a new ability to remove obsolete files from the Downloads folder during the cleanup. Disabled by default.
  • The Applications Uninstaller tool:
    1. The installations tracing feature slowdown that arose after updating to Windows 10 1803 (April 2018 Update) has been eliminated.
    2. The "Run Installer in Silent Mode (If Supported)" command during the installation tracing now works in more cases.
    3. Bug fixed: In case the By Developer applications grouping mode was selected, it could work incorrectly.
  • Bug fixed: In the System Cleanup and Private Data Cleanup tools the Back and Run scanning again buttons did not respond to pressing.

Version 8.11 (April 15, 2018):

  • Minor improvements.

Version 8.10 (April 06, 2018):

  • The Applications Uninstaller tool:
    1. Forced uninstall support. If uninstalling an application in this mode, its standard uninstaller will not be launched.
    2. At the top of the window, buttons were added to display the applications that matched some criteria, for example, large applications or recently installed ones.
    3. It is now possible to merge multiple applications within a folder or to set any application as the child item of any other one. This allows you to shorten the applications list.
    4. Ability to group the applications by size: Large applications are displayed in a separate group. You may specify in the Settings which applications to consider as large.
    5. The applications in the list can be sorted in ascending or descending order.
    6. A new Delete from the List Without Uninstalling context menu command. Allows you to delete the information about the traces that are not associated with any application registered in the system. Such records may occur as a result of the unsuccessful tracing of the application's installation.
    7. If multiple applications were installed during a single trace they will be merged into a folder.
    8. A command for the quick navigation to the Applications Uninstaller tool's settings has been added to the menu invoked by clicking the button with the three horizontal lines image located at the right of the search field.
    9. A Search Online context menu command to open the search engine with the selected application query.
  • The ability to enable the classic registry cleanup tool has been added to the settings.
  • You may view the details on the found Applications cache items the list of which is located in the right part of the Private Data Cleanup window.
  • The Explorer Thumbnails cleanup part of the System Cleanup: Now you may view what files are to be cleaned by clicking on the part.
  • Bug fixed: The Private Data Cleanup tool could hang on some systems when scanning the Chrome, Yandex and Edge cleanup locations.

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