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What's New in Reg Organizer

v. 8.75 07/06/2021

  • Tested for the Windows 11 preview version compatibility.
  • The Applications tool:
    • It is now possible to launch applications from the list as well as open their installation folders. The corresponding commands have been added to the context menu.
    • A command to open the uninstall registry key has been added to the application's context menu.
    • More accurate application sizes are now displayed. When calculating the application's size, the data files it has created are also considered.
    • Improved the multiple applications handling support. If you mark an application in the list, a floating panel appears that displays how many applications are marked and helps you to start removing or updating them with one click.
    • A new "Refresh Window Data" command has been added to the Settings and Commands menu.
    • The applications' traces lookup algorithm has been improved.
    • It is shown on the final application's uninstall step how much space has been freed.
    • Usability improvements.
    • Bug fixed: When viewing some backups in the Undo Changes Center window, the list of files included in the backup was not complete.
  • Registry Editor:
    • The ability to remove the blocked registry keys was added..
    • User interface improvements: The window's available space for the data output has been increased.
  • An ability to choose any of the program's unofficial translations has been added to Settings.
  • Bug fixed: The option Obsolete Tools -> Enable the Classic Registry Cleanup tool has been removed from the settings.

v. 8.70 03/29/2021

  • Redesigned and improved system load time measurement function in the Startup Applications tool.
  • Recycle Bin cleaning ability has been added to Private Data Cleanup tool. If cleanup is enabled, you may specify the maximum duration of the files in Recycle Bin, after which they should be removed from there.
  • When cleaning Obsolete Downloads, deletions are moved to the Recycle Bin.
  • Registry Editor: When using the Search the Entire Registry command the data is searched in all root keys, not only HKLM and HKU (despite other root keys being derived from these two).
  • You can manage all the background tasks of the application, as well as autorun of the Reg Organizer itself, through the new Background Tasks settings section.
  • A new "Background Functions..." command has been added to the tray icon menu.
  • The applications' traces lookup algorithm has been improved.
  • Improved safety of the Maximum Cleanup Mode when using the System Cleanup tool.
  • Usability improvements.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • When clicking on the button next to the Optimizations caption in Express Check, the incorrect interface section might open.
    • Startup Applications tool: The list could contain invalid services entries, which cannot be removed.
    • Startup Applications tool: When the notification about a suspicious startup entry appeared, clicking the Disable at Startup button in the notification did not work.
    • When viewing some backups in the Undo Changes Center window, the list of files included in the backup was not complete.
    • The Obsolete Downloads location in the cleanup tools was always unavailable for enabling.

v. 8.60 12/30/2020

  • Dark interface theme is supported.
  • Startup Applications tool:
    • Smart disabling support. A startup item disabled this way does not disappear from the system, but only stops starting automatically (available under Windows 10 and 8.1).
    • Ability to uninstall the program that the startup item belongs to. This applies only for items associated with the programs registered in the corresponding registry keys.
    • For the startup items associated with the registered applications the context menu command is now available allowing you to view the application to which this startup item belongs to.
    • Now the startup item can be deleted either in the usual way or with the protection from its reappearance in the system. To delete the item the second way, the corresponding command is added to the item's context menu.
    • Support for the Windows 10 and 8.1 services running in protected launch mode. Such services cannot be modified, which is now reflected in the user interface.
    • For some types of startup items such as Task Scheduler entries, these new context menu commands have been added: "Prevent Changing the Delay Time" (for the delayed items) and "Prevent Re-Enabling" (for the disabled ones).
    • Usability improvements.
  • The new "Re-Show the Interface Hints" command in the HELP submenu of the Main Menu.

v. 8.57 11/26/2020

  • Bug fixed: The icons does not displayed for some programs in the Applications tool's list.
  • Portable version's updater changes.

v. 8.56 10/20/2020

  • All data is now downloaded over a secure protocol (https).
  • Bug fixed: The state of the option "Check for the installed applications updates" could not be saved after the program restart.

v. 8.55 09/18/2020

  • Reworked the ability to go back to the previous program's tool by the Back button.
  • Applications tool:
    • The minimal size for which by default the application is considered large has been increased to 200 Mb.
    • The applications installing with tracing function improvements.
  • Visual interface changes (the search field and menu button icons in some tools).
  • Bugs fixed:
    • The access violation error message could occur on the Express Check screen.
    • Some elements' colors haven't corresponded to the scheme when using the Classic Windows 7 theme.

v. 8.52 08/11/2020

  • The algorithm of searching for traces of the application being uninstalled is improved.
  • Portable version: Fixed a bug, which caused the portable version loader to always open with the English interface.

v. 8.50/8.51 07/24/2020

  • The registry optimization was removed from the interface by default as an obsolete function. If you want to enable it, choose in the Main menu FILE -> Settings..., in the appeared window go to the "Obsolete Tools" section and enable the option "Enable the Registry Optimization tool".
  • The program has been moved to the 64-bit architecture (the previous program versions were 32-bit, but 64-bit Windows was fully supported). This gives a speed increase of up to 20% on specific operations, such as working with the system registry (if your Windows is 64-bit too).
  • Support the cleaning of the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium.
  • You no longer need to manually run Reg Organizer to completely remove an unnecessary application from the system. Just run the applications' uninstallers in any convenient way, for example, through the Start menu, Apps and Features section of Windows, or manually launch the application's uninstaller from its folder. To start using this feature, enable it via the program's settings.
  • Some interface colors have been changed.
  • Applications tool:
    • When running the programs' standard uninstaller, the quiet uninstall mode is activated, if it is supported. In quiet uninstall mode, asking the questions by the uninstaller is disabled.
    • Installing application with tracing function improvements.
    • The tool's window look has been refreshed.
  • Windows shell context menu commands integration has been rewritten and improved. You may use them to install the application with tracing or to perform the complete uninstall directly from the folder's context menu of the Windows shell.
  • Improved look of the new startup items notifications.
  • Earlier when installing a new version of Reg Organizer if the file could not be replaced, the error message "DeleteFile failed - code 5" used to be displayed. Now you will be prompted to restart the system in order to complete the update instead.
  • Bug fixed: While installing the applications updates Reg Organizer could request to enter the license key despite the fact that it was already entered.
  • Windows XP is no longer supported.

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