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What's New in Reg Organizer 8

8.05 (12/22/2017)
  • Internal changes.
8.04 (11/25/2017)
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes lead to the program crash during the removed applications leftovers deletion.
8.03 (11/9/2017)
  • Bug fixed: Startup Applications tool: Some applications that automatically starts from Task Scheduler could be incorrectly recognized as erroneous and marked red although they are correct.
  • Bug fixed: The Private Data Cleanup tool could hang up when scanning the Chrome Cookies and Sites Data location on some systems.
8.02 (11/1/2017)
  • The Startup Applications tool:
    • More relevant search results are shown when using the Search Online command on the entry.
    • Bug fixed: When using the Delay Load for... command the delayed entry could be duplicated in the system.
    • Bug fixed: The removed startup entries have not been displayed in the Undoing Changes Center.
8.01 (10/10/2017)
  • Bug fixed: The Private Data Cleanup tool could hand during the scan.
8.0 (09/04/2017)
  • Ability to clean the cache of the installed applications.
  • A new Private Data Cleanup tool was added. It is designed for cleaning the data of a personal nature emerging in everyday use of your PC like browsing history and the drop-down lists with the paths of files you recently opened in Windows or applications.
  • The new System Cleanup tool combines the functionality for cleaning the disk and the registry allowing for effective freeing up of disk space and correcting the system problems like invalid shortcuts.
  • Ability to clean the jump lists (recently accessed application files and actions).
  • Ability to clean the Run dialog (opened using the Win + R keys combination) history.
  • Switching between the Maximum cleanup mode and the Everyday cleanup mode in the System Cleanup tool. The Maximum cleanup mode can be used, if it is necessary to free up the maximum possible amount of space on the drives. This will be done at the cost of removing old restore points, emptying the Recycle bin, etc. Enable this mode to view more information to make a decision.
  • Recently Used Files section: More files and folders you recently opened in Windows or applications are now displayed here.
  • Check for update: You may disable notifications about beta and alpha versions.
  • The Settings window can be resized.
  • It is now possible to open Express Check directly from the Tool Selection Panel located at the left part of the main window.
  • The Startup applications tool: Now you may permanently exclude the applications from the optimization. To do this click on the cross at the right of the application in the recommendations window.
  • Documentation update.

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