Reg Organizer Version History

v. 9.45 17/06/2024

  • Applications Tool: The Modify command is now available in the context menu for certain applications, allowing you to add or remove application components.
  • Automatic Reg Organizer update.
  • Improvement of certain visual elements, such as displaying cleanup part titles in two lines on the main screen within the Privacy section to prevent them from being truncated.
  • Undo Changes Center: It is possible to resize the internal parts of the window.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • If the background cleanup is enabled, the Reg Organizer window could appear without information about the cleanup performed.
    • the program could fail to unload from memory after using the rarely used programs search function.
    • If you press Enter in the program renaming window in the Applications tool, its deletion would start spontaneously.
    • When exiting the bulk startup applications changing mode, the service icons disappeared from the applications’ list.
    • When counting the number of deleted applications whose traces were found in the system, user excluded items were also taken into account.
    • Main window flickering when resizing under the dark theme.
    • Applications Tool: Some applications installed using the Windows Installer technology could not be uninstalled.

v. 9.41 12/03/2024

  • The cookies, cache, and browsing history cleanup of the Opera browser has been updated to match the latest changes in the browser itself.

v. 9.40 05/02/2024

  • New feature: Scheduled (background) cleaning. If enabled, the program can run periodically in the background and report when it is possible to free some disk space.
  • The Maximum cleanup mode of the System Cleanup tool now finds more unnecessary files. This is made possible by automatically adjusting the cleanup locations settings to free up the maximum amount of space when this mode is activated. In the previous version, the same cleanup locations settings were used for both the normal and Maximum cleanup modes, with the only difference being the set of cleanup locations they targeted.
  • Added an option to increase the safety of System Cleanup: "Remove only files older than 24 hours from the temporary folder".
  • The Obsolete Downloads location scan has been speeded up.
  • While performing the background tasks the tray icon is animated.
  • Improved the update checking mechanism for Autorun Organizer itself.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • The cleanup block on the Express Check screen could hang.
    • Disabled startup applications were not excluded from optimization recommendations.
    • Sometimes, right after running the cleanup, the Express Check would show that the cleanup is still recommended.
    • The program failed to close Yandex Browser before deleting its cache or other cache or other data during system cleaning.
    • Fixed white flickering in the Dark theme when switching to the final cleanup screen.
    • In the registry editor, above the list of search results, a black rectangle could appear.

v. 9.31 16/10/2023

  • Bug fixed: When selecting the "Trace with Reg Organizer" command from the context menu of an application's setup file from any folder in Windows, the setup does not start automatically during the trace.

v. 9.30 20/09/2023

  • Applications tool:
    • Uninstalling multiple applications at once is now faster. If you choose to uninstall multiple applications at once, you only have to go through the uninstall screens once, rather than repeating the same steps for each application you want to uninstall.
    • These options became available for some applications during uninstall:
      • Speed Up the Standard Uninstaller by Hiding Unnecessary Windows.
      • Standard Uninstaller Only. No Traces Lookup.
      • Forced Uninstall: No Standard Uninstaller.
    • When uninstalling applications, an extra screen has been removed that suggested searching for their traces in the system. Now the search starts automatically when the standard uninstaller finishes, and you will shortly see the number of application traces found in the system.
  • A search field to find the item you are interested in was added to the cleanup location's items browsing window.
  • Alphabetical sorting when you click the list columns in the System Cleanup and Private Data Cleanup settings sections.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Installing applications with tracing could hang or fail immediately after launch (due to the influence of drivers of certain applications).
    • When reopening the application installation with the tracing window, the button at the bottom had the wrong text ("Finish" instead of "Forward").
    • When you uninstall an application using the Applications tool, you may receive an unnecessary duplicate notification that the application has been deleted.
    • Applications tool: When filtering applications using the search box, some items were missing from the list.
    • When renaming a key in the registry editor, it was copied instead.
    • Startup Applications tool: It was impossible to remove RunOnceEx type items.

v. 9.21 08/06/2023

  • Bug fixed: The system load time measurement function did not work, as well as other functions that work in the background.

v. 9.20 05/06/2023

  • Added the ability to clean up the Firefox browser.
  • Improved cleaning for Chrome, Edge and Yandex browsers. Added the ability to free additional space by deleting setup metrics temporary files to the Private Data Cleanup tool.
  • Notification Center: A single location in the program where it collects notifications. Now you can see the information messages, tips, and hints from the program whenever you want, not just when they appear.
  • Startup Applications tool:
    • 1) Ability to change the startup type (automatic or manual) for autorun applications of type Service.
    • 2) Improved descriptions of autorun applications of types Service and Driver.
  • Applications tool:
    • 1) The popularity of the programs is now displayed.
    • 2) A more correct display of checkmarks under the dark theme.
  • Usability improvement: Wherever possible, modal (which require a button to be pressed) information windows have been replaced with windows that appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, disappear automatically and require no user action.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • 1) Startup Applications tool: The state of the "Do not Notify Me about Adding to the Startup" checkbox might have been reset on it own after some time.
    • 2) Startup Applications tool: Canceling the delayed state for a service did not work if it was delayed not through Reg Organizer.
    • 3) Incorrect colors in the System Cleanup and Private Data Cleanup tools under the Windows 7 Classic theme.
    • 4) If you switch from Express Check to another tool, maximize the program to full screen, minimize to the taskbar and then click on it, the program is restored in a non-maximized state.
    • 5) Portable version: If there is no Internet connection, the cleanup parts of the System Cleanup tool and the Private Data Cleanup tool may not be displayed.
    • 6) Applications tool: After updating with F5, some superfluous non-removable application entries were added to the list.

v. 9.11 17/02/2023

  • The System Cleanup tool: Chrome, Edge and Yandex browser cleanup has been improved.

v. 9.10 29/12/2022

  • The System Cleanup and Private Data Cleanup tools have been redesigned. Some improvements:
    • You may configure some cleanup locations by clicking the button directly on the corresponding item in the list Previously to do this, it was necessary to go to the settings window.
    • Optimization for high resolution monitors: The list of cleanup locations now fills the window's space both in width and height.
    • You can view cleanup locations for which the additional explanation is available by clicking the question mark icon.
    • Some icons have been redrawn to support the dark theme better.
  • New cleanup locations added: Additional Web Cache and cleaning the cache of the 4 new applications.
  • The "System Activity Logs", "Program Crash Dumps" and "Program Error Reports" cleanup locations find more data.
  • The Private Data Cleanup tool has been switched to multithreaded scanning and has been accelerated. Scanning is now 2-3 times faster.
  • New tweaks added: "Microsoft Edge: Don't show the page restore request after the browser crash" and "Applications’ scrollbar width".
  • Applications tool: Improvements to the applications traces lookup algorithm.
  • You may enable the main window's title system look that depends on the theme color by creating in the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ChemTable Software\Reg Organizer\SettingsEx the integer value SystemTitle equal to 1.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • The Reg Organizer command did not appear in the Explorer context menu under Windows 11 Insider Preview, Dev channel.
    • Application installed with tracing did not appear in the installed apps list if they cannot not be uninstalled with the standard uninstaller.
    • The Previous System Restore Points cleanup location was not cleaned.
    • The "Always show this screen at program startup" switch in the Express Check and other switches across the program might not work the proper way.
    • When you pressed the minimize and maximize system buttons in the upper right main window corner, the color was different from the system buttons' color.

v. 9.01 12/11/2022

  • Fixed bug: When cleaning the Opera browser, Reg Organizer did not check that it has been closed.
  • Documentation has been updated.

v. 9.0 26/07/2022

  • The Express Check screen now shows the installed applications, which can be updated.
  • Usability improvements:
    • The single button located in the upper left section of the main window always allows you to return to the previous tool.
    • The version number is always displayed in the main window title (useful when contacting technical support).
    • If an update is available, a note about it is shown directly in the main window header next to the version (not available under Windows 7-8.1 or in the dark theme).
    • The path to the frequently used settings window has been shortened: A button to go directly to it has been added at the top of the main window (along with the other commands).
    • For switches, the enabled state is now displayed on the right, not the left to match similar switches in the Windows interface.
    • High DPI monitors optimization. Larger interface icons are now used in the systems where the higher system fonts scale is set. This helps to keep the interface proportional. Applies to the status bar and other places across the program.
  • Startup Applications tool: For applications that can be optimized a context menu command has been added to exclude them from the optimization recommendation.
  • Some enhancements to the applications uninstalling window's interface.
  • Increased accessibility: The buttons are correctly recognized by the screen readers programs like JAWS. (It's still a lot of work yet for the full screen readers compatibility as it is very far from perfect as of now.)
  • Dark theme minor visual improvements.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Applications tool: Reg Organizer could hang when pressing the Uninstall Application button or selecting the Install with tracing command.
    • Incorrect colors in some windows under the Classic Windows 7 theme.
    • The Private Data Cleanup tool showed that 1 item was found for some of the parts to be cleaned even though there actually were none.
    • Under the dark theme, some auxiliary windows were displayed in colors matching the light theme.
    • The Windows Script Host error could occur when using the application uninstall with reboot function.
    • Some buttons did not change color when pressed.
    • Visual artifacts on the edges of horizontal and vertical interface lines under the dark theme.
  • Windows Vista is no longer supported.

v. 8.91 24/03/2022

  • Applications' traces lookup algorithm changes. It is used during the applications' complete removal.
  • The system cleanup ignore list has been updated.
  • Social sharing blocks have been updated (not available for all languages).

v. 8.90 16/03/2022

  • The cleanup functions now support Chromium based browser editions installed via MSI packages.
  • The built-in updater has been improved.

v. 8.87 07/03/2022

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

v. 8.86 28/02/2022

  • Applications' traces lookup algorithm improvements.

v. 8.85 08/02/2022

  • The new Windows 11 context menu integration is supported.
  • Two new Windows 11 tweaks added: "Classic full context menu without moving some items to the submenu" and "Classic File Explorer with Ribbon".
  • System Cleanup tool:
    • The simultaneous scanning threads count was increased, which leads to 40% or more scanning boost (on multi-core processors).
    • The new context menu commands "Check Only ..." and "Check Locations by Default" added to the System Cleanup tool's Settings section.
  • Startup Applications tool:
    • For more applications it is now possible to immediately proceed to uninstall or view the application's registry key.
    • A new command was added allowing you to mark all entries at once as old.
  • Interface hints improvements (The menu item that pointed by the hint is placed in a frame for clarity).
  • The ignore list of the system cleanup has been replenished.
  • Installer: In the "File version" field of the file properties the actual product's version is now displayed.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • A program crash that sometimes occurred when opening the Applications tool.
    • The option description could go out of bounds in the General section of Settings.

v. 8.82 08/01/2022

  • Applications' traces lookup algorithm improvements that is used in the complete applications removal function.

v. 8.81 27/10/2021

  • Applications tool:
    • Added the new function "Removal tools from the developers". The developers of some applications are providing a special utility for the complete removal of the applications from the system. This function allows you to download such a utility (if one is available for the application) and accomplish complete removal of the application with it.
    • The applications installing with tracing function algorithm has been improved.
    • Applications' traces lookup algorithm improvements that is used in the complete applications removal function.
  • Registry editor usability improvements.
  • Minor installer improvements.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • In the removed applications traces window the context menu command for opening the registry key did not work.
    • Enabling the "Windows context menu commands" option sometimes led to the restart of the Explorer process (explorer.exe).

v. 8.76 18/08/2021

  • Applications tool:
    • Getting the application's traces before uninstalling as well as determining the sizes of the installed applications has been accelerated.
    • The applications installing with tracing function bugs fixed.
  • Registry Editor: A new "Paste and Go" command has been added to the registry path field's context menu.

v. 8.75 06/07/2021

  • Tested for the Windows 11 preview version compatibility.
  • The Applications tool:
    • It is now possible to launch applications from the list as well as open their installation folders. The corresponding commands have been added to the context menu.
    • A command to open the uninstall registry key has been added to the application's context menu.
    • More accurate application sizes are now displayed. When calculating the application's size, the data files it has created are also considered.
    • Improved the multiple applications handling support. If you mark an application in the list, a floating panel appears that displays how many applications are marked and helps you to start removing or updating them with one click.
    • A new "Refresh Window Data" command has been added to the Settings and Commands menu.
    • The applications' traces lookup algorithm has been improved.
    • It is shown on the final application's uninstall step how much space has been freed.
    • Usability improvements.
    • Bug fixed: When viewing some backups in the Undo Changes Center window, the list of files included in the backup was not complete.
  • Registry Editor:
    • The ability to remove the blocked registry keys was added..
    • User interface improvements: The window's available space for the data output has been increased.
  • An ability to choose any of the program's unofficial translations has been added to Settings.
  • Bug fixed: The option Obsolete Tools -> Enable the Classic Registry Cleanup tool has been removed from the settings.

v. 8.70 29/03/2021

  • Redesigned and improved system load time measurement function in the Startup Applications tool.
  • Recycle Bin cleaning ability has been added to Private Data Cleanup tool. If cleanup is enabled, you may specify the maximum duration of the files in Recycle Bin, after which they should be removed from there.
  • When cleaning Obsolete Downloads, deletions are moved to the Recycle Bin.
  • Registry Editor: When using the Search the Entire Registry command the data is searched in all root keys, not only HKLM and HKU (despite other root keys being derived from these two).
  • You can manage all the background tasks of the application, as well as autorun of the Reg Organizer itself, through the new Background Tasks settings section.
  • A new "Background Functions..." command has been added to the tray icon menu.
  • The applications' traces lookup algorithm has been improved.
  • Improved safety of the Maximum Cleanup Mode when using the System Cleanup tool.
  • Usability improvements.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • When clicking on the button next to the Optimizations caption in Express Check, the incorrect interface section might open.
    • Startup Applications tool: The list could contain invalid services entries, which cannot be removed.
    • Startup Applications tool: When the notification about a suspicious startup entry appeared, clicking the Disable at Startup button in the notification did not work.
    • When viewing some backups in the Undo Changes Center window, the list of files included in the backup was not complete.
    • The Obsolete Downloads location in the cleanup tools was always unavailable for enabling.

v. 8.60 30/12/2020

  • Dark interface theme is supported.
  • Startup Applications tool:
    • Smart disabling support. A startup item disabled this way does not disappear from the system, but only stops starting automatically (available under Windows 10 and 8.1).
    • Ability to uninstall the program that the startup item belongs to. This applies only for items associated with the programs registered in the corresponding registry keys.
    • For the startup items associated with the registered applications the context menu command is now available allowing you to view the application to which this startup item belongs to.
    • Now the startup item can be deleted either in the usual way or with the protection from its reappearance in the system. To delete the item the second way, the corresponding command is added to the item's context menu.
    • Support for the Windows 10 and 8.1 services running in protected launch mode. Such services cannot be modified, which is now reflected in the user interface.
    • For some types of startup items such as Task Scheduler entries, these new context menu commands have been added: "Prevent Changing the Delay Time" (for the delayed items) and "Prevent Re-Enabling" (for the disabled ones).
    • Usability improvements.
  • The new "Re-Show the Interface Hints" command in the HELP submenu of the Main Menu.

v. 8.57 26/11/2020

  • Bug fixed: The icons does not displayed for some programs in the Applications tool's list.
  • Portable version's updater changes.

v. 8.56 20/10/2020

  • All data is now downloaded over a secure protocol (https).
  • Bug fixed: The state of the option "Check for the installed applications updates" could not be saved after the program restart.

v. 8.55 18/09/2020

  • Reworked the ability to go back to the previous program's tool by the Back button.
  • Applications tool:
    • The minimal size for which by default the application is considered large has been increased to 200 Mb.
    • The applications installing with tracing function improvements.
  • Visual interface changes (the search field and menu button icons in some tools).
  • Bugs fixed:
    • The access violation error message could occur on the Express Check screen.
    • Some elements' colors haven't corresponded to the scheme when using the Classic Windows 7 theme.

v. 8.52 11/08/2020

  • The algorithm of searching for traces of the application being uninstalled is improved.
  • Portable version: Fixed a bug, which caused the portable version loader to always open with the English interface.

v. 8.51 24/07/2020

  • The registry optimization was removed from the interface by default as an obsolete function. If you want to enable it, choose in the Main menu FILE -> Settings..., in the appeared window go to the "Obsolete Tools" section and enable the option "Enable the Registry Optimization tool".
  • The program has been moved to the 64-bit architecture (the previous program versions were 32-bit, but 64-bit Windows was fully supported). This gives a speed increase of up to 20% on specific operations, such as working with the system registry (if your Windows is 64-bit too).
  • Support the cleaning of the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium.
  • You no longer need to manually run Reg Organizer to completely remove an unnecessary application from the system. Just run the applications' uninstallers in any convenient way, for example, through the Start menu, Apps and Features section of Windows, or manually launch the application's uninstaller from its folder. To start using this feature, enable it via the program's settings.
  • Some interface colors have been changed.
  • Applications tool:
    • When running the programs' standard uninstaller, the quiet uninstall mode is activated, if it is supported. In quiet uninstall mode, asking the questions by the uninstaller is disabled.
    • Installing application with tracing function improvements.
    • The tool's window look has been refreshed.
  • Windows shell context menu commands integration has been rewritten and improved. You may use them to install the application with tracing or to perform the complete uninstall directly from the folder's context menu of the Windows shell.
  • Improved look of the new startup items notifications.
  • Earlier when installing a new version of Reg Organizer if the file could not be replaced, the error message "DeleteFile failed - code 5" used to be displayed. Now you will be prompted to restart the system in order to complete the update instead.
  • Bug fixed: While installing the applications updates Reg Organizer could request to enter the license key despite the fact that it was already entered.
  • Windows XP is no longer supported.

v. 8.44 24/06/2020

  • Some interface colors have been changed.
  • Latest version that supports Windows XP.

v. 8.43 01/28/2020

  • The priority level which delayed programs of the Startup Applications tool are launched with has been changed from THREAD_PRIORITY_BELOW_NORMAL to THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL. This is better suited for interactive (unlike background) programs.

v. 8.42 01/21/2020

  • Bug fixed: Startup Applications tool: When excluding the item from the optimization recommendation the exclusion does not happen if the item is not displaying in the list.

v. 8.41 12/24/2019

  • Fixed bug: The checkboxes states of the Custom Files settings tab items did not saved.
  • Fixed bug: The program could close after clicking on the REG_BINARY value in the registry editor and choosing the "Show characters in the binary value" command.

v. 8.40 12/16/2019

  • The Opera browser cleaning added.
  • Cleaning of Chrome and Yandex has been complemented and enhanced. For example, GPUCache and ShaderCache data cleaning has been added.
  • Applications Tool: The Universal Windows Platform applications list generation was accelerated by two and a half times. To view them, expand the folder titled "Windows 10 Apps".
  • A new setting "Skip the User Account Control warning" added. When enabled, you will be able to launch Reg Organizer using the Desktop shortcut without the User Account Control warning.
  • The progress is displayed directly on the Taskbar during the long operations.
  • The new compiler is used. The program's size is reduced.
  • Fixed bug in the Applications tool: The Universal Windows Platform apps' sizes were not displayed.
  • Cleaning of the Chrome Cookies and Sites Data section of the Private Data Cleanup could leave some entries not removed.

v. 8.30 08/06/2019

  • Checking for the installed programs updates. Straightforward one-click updating of them.
  • A new private data cleanup part named Files Downloads Links is added. In some cases, for the files downloaded from the Internet also the download link is being stored in the file system. When cleaning up this part, these download links are removed, but the files themselves remain on the disk.
  • A new registry tweak: "Create regular registry backups. Disabled by default for space saving starting from Windows 10 build 1803". Enabling this option will return the regular registry backups creation by the system. Backups will be stored in the folder: C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack. For more information visit:
  • Startup Applications tool: A button to delete a startup application has been renamed to Remove and Disable to emphasize that not only removal will be done, but also adding this application to the startup will be prevented in the future.
  • Because of the addition of the installed applications updates function the Uninstaller tool has been renamed to Applications.
  • General increasing usability.

v. 8.29 05/22/2019

  • Improvements to the System Cleanup and Private Data Cleanup tools.

v. 8.28 03/21/2019

  • The cookies and the data of the popular sites such as Google, Yandex and others are not removed during the private data cleanup.
  • Increased the safeness of the cleanup function when dealing with the browser extensions.

v. 8.27 03/19/2019

  • Private Data Cleanup tool: A more thorough cleaning of the voice telephony applications private data (downloaded files, image thumbnails).
  • Bug fixed: The Registry Optimization function had failed to work if it was executed right after using the System Cleanup tool. This problem used to occur under the 32-bit Windows only.
  • Bug fixed: Applications Uninstaller tool: Right-click on the folder in the applications list did not lead to showing the context menu.

v. 8.26 02/12/2019

  • Installer improvement. Added the ability (by setting a corresponding flag option at the uninstall) to remove all Reg Organizer's data and settings from the system when uninstalling it.
  • The Startup Processes tool bug fixed: In some cases under the 64-bit operating system the shortcuts pointing to the file in the Program Files folder could be incorrectly recognized as invalid.

v. 8.25 01/28/2019

  • Applications Uninstaller: Added the ability to show those of your applications that you use rarely. In the settings it is easy to change the number of days after which an application should be considered rarely used in case it is not launched at least once (60 by default).
  • In the system and private data cleanup tools in the found items displaying window a command has been added for showing an item in the folder or opening in the registry editor (depending on the item type).
  • If you disabled an option to open Express Check at program startup, it will not be enabled automatically if switching to this tool.
  • Bugs fixed:
    1. System cleanup tool: Fixed hanging up during the Windows Updates Unused Files location location cleanup. Sometimes cleaning up this location can still take much time, up to about 10 minutes.
    2. Startup Applications tool: In some cases the in was not possible to remove the invalied entry.
    3. Applications Uninstaller: If to open the application install with tracing window and then immediately press the Close button or click the cross at the window corner the window had closed with the noticeable delay.

v. 8.20 09/21/2018

  • A new system cleanup location: Windows Upgrade Logs.
  • Notifications about adding applications to the startup including their cloud antivirus analysis. Disabled by default. To enable, open the Startup Applications tool and turn on the corresponding option.
  • The ability to completely exclude from the scanning any of the predefined cleanup locations (they are located on the left side of the window) in the Private Data Cleanup tool. To do this use the new context menu command added to the predefined cleanup locations list.
  • Improved the deleted applications traces lookup algorithm.
  • The program's look has been enhanced if using the Classic theme under Windows XP-7.
  • Some modifications to the new startup applications notifications function.
  • Chinese language is now suppported in the interface. (In total the program is now available in 15 languages.)
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Sometimes if making the rescan right after the System Cleanup function was in operation, a small number of unnecessary files were found again.
    • The Back button in the Startup Applications tool does not work.
    • Applications Uninstaller: The Settings and Commands button was not displayed.
    • When cleaning the Recycle Bin, an overestimated size of the freed space could be shown due to the incorrect calculation of the NTFS reparse point items sizes.
    • A message "System Error. Code 1400: Invalid window handle" could occasionally occur.
    • If Classic Registry Cleanup is enabled, the corresponding button did not dissapear from the tool selection panel when collapsing its section.

v. 8.16 05/21/2018

  • Improved cleaning of the Obsolete Downloads cleanup location. Now Reg Organizer offers to review the files recommended for the removal to from the Downloads folder before the actual deletion.

v. 8.15 05/17/2018

  • Added a new ability to remove obsolete files from the Downloads folder during the cleanup. Disabled by default.
  • The Applications Uninstaller tool:
    1. The installations tracing feature slowdown that arose after updating to Windows 10 1803 (April 2018 Update) has been eliminated.
    2. The "Run Installer in Silent Mode (If Supported)" command during the installation tracing now works in more cases.
    3. Bug fixed: In case the By Developer applications grouping mode was selected, it could work incorrectly.
  • Bug fixed: In the System Cleanup and Private Data Cleanup tools the Back and Run scanning again buttons did not respond to pressing.

v. 8.11 04/15/2018

  • Minor improvements.

v. 8.10 04/06/2018

  • The Applications Uninstaller tool:
    1. Forced uninstall support. If uninstalling an application in this mode, its standard uninstaller will not be launched.
    2. At the top of the window, buttons were added to display the applications that matched some criteria, for example, large applications or recently installed ones.
    3. It is now possible to merge multiple applications within a folder or to set any application as the child item of any other one. This allows you to shorten the applications list.
    4. Ability to group the applications by size: Large applications are displayed in a separate group. You may specify in the Settings which applications to consider as large.
    5. The applications in the list can be sorted in ascending or descending order.
    6. A new Delete from the List Without Uninstalling context menu command. Allows you to delete the information about the traces that are not associated with any application registered in the system. Such records may occur as a result of the unsuccessful tracing of the application's installation.
    7. If multiple applications were installed during a single trace they will be merged into a folder.
    8. A command for the quick navigation to the Applications Uninstaller tool's settings has been added to the menu invoked by clicking the button with the three horizontal lines image located at the right of the search field.
    9. A Search Online context menu command to open the search engine with the selected application query.
  • The ability to enable the classic registry cleanup tool has been added to the settings.
  • You may view the details on the found Applications cache items the list of which is located in the right part of the Private Data Cleanup window.
  • The Explorer Thumbnails cleanup part of the System Cleanup: Now you may view what files are to be cleaned by clicking on the part.
  • Bug fixed: The Private Data Cleanup tool could hang on some systems when scanning the Chrome, Yandex and Edge cleanup locations.

v. 8.05 12/22/2017

  • Internal changes.

v. 8.04 11/25/2017

  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes lead to the program crash during the removed applications leftovers deletion.

v. 8.03 11/9/2017

  • Bug fixed: Startup Applications tool: Some applications that automatically starts from Task Scheduler could be incorrectly recognized as erroneous and marked red although they are correct.
  • Bug fixed: The Private Data Cleanup tool could hang up when scanning the Chrome Cookies and Sites Data location on some systems.

v. 8.02 11/1/2017

  • The Startup Applications tool:
    • More relevant search results are shown when using the Search Online command on the entry.
    • Bug fixed: When using the Delay Load for... command the delayed entry could be duplicated in the system.
    • Bug fixed: The removed startup entries have not been displayed in the Undoing Changes Center.

v. 8.01 10/10/2017

  • Bug fixed: The Private Data Cleanup tool could hand during the scan.

v. 8.0 09/04/2017

  • Ability to clean the cache of the installed applications.
  • A new Private Data Cleanup tool was added. It is designed for cleaning the data of a personal nature emerging in everyday use of your PC like browsing history and the drop-down lists with the paths of files you recently opened in Windows or applications.
  • The new System Cleanup tool combines the functionality for cleaning the disk and the registry allowing for effective freeing up of disk space and correcting the system problems like invalid shortcuts.
  • Ability to clean the jump lists (recently accessed application files and actions).
  • Ability to clean the Run dialog (opened using the Win + R keys combination) history.
  • Switching between the Maximum cleanup mode and the Everyday cleanup mode in the System Cleanup tool. The Maximum cleanup mode can be used, if it is necessary to free up the maximum possible amount of space on the drives. This will be done at the cost of removing old restore points, emptying the Recycle bin, etc. Enable this mode to view more information to make a decision.
  • Recently Used Files section: More files and folders you recently opened in Windows or applications are now displayed here.
  • Check for update: You may disable notifications about beta and alpha versions.
  • The Settings window can be resized.
  • It is now possible to open Express Check directly from the Tool Selection Panel located at the left part of the main window.
  • The Startup applications tool: Now you may permanently exclude the applications from the optimization. To do this click on the cross at the right of the application in the recommendations window.
  • Documentation update.

v. 7.81 07/06/2017

  • Internet Explorer private data cleanup: Cleaning cookies, browsing history, sessions, downloads history, autocomplete forms history and Web Storage.

    The cleanup location is disabled by default. To enable mark: Main Menu -> Commands... -> Settings -> Disk Cleanup -> Disk Locations to Scan -> Internet Explorer cookies and Sites Data.

v. 7.80 17/04/2017

  • The Microsoft Edge browser cleanup: Cache, cookies, browsing history, sessions and downloads history clean.
  • The Applications Uninstaller tool: Improved the accuracy of the applications installing with tracing function. Fixed the several possible cases when the entries not related to the traced application are added to the traced changes.
  • The Startup Applications tool:
    • Detects a larger number of incorrect startup entries. Such entries are marked red in the list and recommended for removal.
    • When using the Search Internet context menu command the product name instead of the entry's name is passed to the search engine. This often gives more relevant results.
    • When using the Search Internet context menu command for the entries, which are calling the third-party code by way of using the rundll32.exe program, the search results for the actually called module is shown instead of rundll32.exe.
    • The Windows services are not shown now in the startup items list by default. To display them click "all startup locations" in the upper part of the startup tool.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • The Applications Uninstaller tool: It was not possible to execute more than one install with tracing without restarting Reg Organizer.
    • The Applications Uninstaller tool: Incorrect colors have been displayed on the left-hand panel under the classic Windows theme.
    • The Applications Uninstaller tool: Sometimes after installing a program with tracing, in the list on the programs installed with tracing in the current session the same program could be shown twice.
    • Some of the tips shown in the "Did You Know?" window of the portable version were applicable for the standard version only.
    • Reg Organizer could close with the error message in case of system reboot or restart during its work.
    • The registry optimization function has left the unused temporary files on the disk.
    • No value was shown in the Size column of the Applications Uninstaller tool for many applications.

v. 7.70 24/01/2017

  • Disk Cleanup:
    • A new disk cleanup part: Recently Used Files. Allows you to remove the information about the recently opened documents.
    • The Programs Error Reports section cleanup has been improved.
  • Correctly recognizes system commands without the extension and the path, for example: "subst w: "D:\some\path\"" in the startup.
  • Bug fixed: In the Startup Applications tool, it was not possible to delay items, which had names containing characters prohibited in file names, for example "?".

v. 7.62 29/11/2016

  • The Applications Uninstaller tool: Improvement to the algorithm of searching for the applications' traces in the system.

v. 7.61 28/11/2016

  • The Applications Uninstaller tool:
    1. The delay eliminated in the main window when you select in the list the traced application, which has a lot of changes.
    2. Improved stability.

v. 7.60 23/11/2016

  • A new disk cleanup part named Previous System Restore Points has been added. Allows to free up the disk space by deleting the system restore points without affecting the most recent of them. This disk cleanup part is disabled by default.
  • Moving the startup entries checking service to the 64-bit architecture (if running under the 64-bit system). In some cases this leads to the faster service work.
  • The Applications Uninstaller tool: The speed of filling the applications list as well as the overall tool's stability has been increased.

v. 7.52 30/09/2016

  • The registry cleanup works faster.
  • Improvements to the registry cleanup tool algorithm. The safety of the tool, already high, has been increased.

v. 7.51 19/09/2016

  • Bug fixed: On some systems running Windows 10 if the system startup optimization is enabled, the turning off of the computer could take more time than usually.

v. 7.50 12/09/2016

  • Disk Cleanup tool: Cleaning up the Programs Crash Dumps and Programs Error reports sections now often allows you to free more disk space. Scanning the section System Activity Logs is now performed more quickly.
  • Yandex.Browser cleanup: The 2 new parts for cleaning this browser's data and cookies have been added to the disk cleanup.
  • Applications Uninstaller tool: Now the size of the applications is displayed, and there is an ability to sort by size.
  • The 2 new options for Windows 10 have been added to the Tweaks tool: "More compact system notifications area" and "Do not show the OneDrive icon in Explorer".
  • Bug fixed: When uninstalling a traced application, if the tracing data had contained the created registry values, they have not been removed.

v. 7.40 28/07/2016

  • Registry Snapshots tool: The progress goes smoother when comparing the registry snapshot with the current registry.
  • The procedure of installing an application with tracing has been greatly accelerated.
  • Registry Snapshots tool: Creating the snapshot is now quicker; some changes to the interface.
  • Fixed bug: The applications uninstalling function: Reg Organizer could crash if you switch the uninstall of an application to the quick mode (without searching for traces).

v. 7.36 1/06/2016

  • A new tweak has been added which allows to correct the Start Menu under Windows 10. It is the quite a common problem under this system that the Start Menu stops to open and this new tweak allows to fix it. The tweak is added to the Miscellaneous section.
  • Improved support of multi-monitor systems.
  • Express check and some other program's parts are working slightly faster.
  • The Settings window now appears quicker. Settings saving by pressing OK in this window have been also accelerated.
  • Bugs fixed:
    1. The Applications Uninstaller tool: when searching for the applications' traces in the system the superfluous "?" characters might be presented in the paths.
    2. Disk Cleanup: Checking parts flickering when hovering on them.
    3. Installing applications with tracing does not work if the system temporary folder has been located not on the system drive.
    4. A superfluous scroll bar could appear in the scanning parts list of the disk cleanup tool.
    5. If running on the systems with the large system font the disk cleanup parts list could have the insufficient height.

v. 7.35 1/04/2016

  • Startup Applications tool:
    1. The applications which has a big impact on the startup are marked in the list with the arrow (available in Windows 10/8).
    2. Now it is possible to restore using the Undoing Changes Center the startup entries you ever removed. With it it is also easy to cancel the performed optimizations of the startup entries in case this is necessary.
  • A lot of minor usability improvements.
  • The Portable version: The enabled parts of the Disk Cleanup tool are now the same for the every system on which the program is running. Earlier, the each system had its own set of the enabled parts.
  • Bug fixed: If larger system fonts are enabled in Windows 10/8.1, the program's windows were blurred.
  • Fixed bugs:
    1. Some dialog windows were too big and could not even fit on the screen.
    2. Sudden progress bar position leap after scanning the Shared Libraries part in the registry cleanup tool.

v. 7.30 1/02/2016

  • Ability to clean the browsers history, cache, cookies, session information and other data, and to compress the database. Currently supported browsers are Google Chrome, Chromium, and Yandex.
  • Applications Uninstaller: Update of the applications traces in the system lookup algorithm.
  • Registry Cleanup: The program will now automatically add the entries which have not been removed to the ignore list.
  • Disk Cleanup: Faster found items list display for the parts where a large number of items was found.
  • Adding sites to the ignore list is now supported. It is useful for excluding any sites during the browsers' cleanup.
  • Fixed bugs:
    1. In Registry Editor, after updating the registry tree using F5, the newly added keys were not listed in alphabetical order.
    2. Applications Uninstaller: In some cases, flickering could be seen during the uninstalling of an application when the traces search in the system was being performed.
    3. The Save List As... command in the context menu of the registry search results list did not work.
    4. When uninstalling Windows 10/8 apps (universal apps) the uninstall stage was not shown in the top of the window.
    5. In the Applications Uninstaller tool, for some universal apps (also known as Windows Store apps) the icons were not displayed.

v. 7.20 28/08/2015

  • The ability to remove files left after upgrade to Windows 10. The files from the previous version of Windows, as well as ones used during the upgrade to Windows 10 will be removed. This operation frees up about 25-30 GB on the disk, but takes a long time, and is therefore disabled by default. To enable it, go to the Main menu -> Commands -> Settings..., then in the tree-like list in the left part of the window select Disk Cleanup -> Disk Locations to Scan, check the item titled "Old Windows version" and click OK. Now the disk cleanup will clear the files left after switching to Windows 10, if they are present in your system.
  • If the system is installed on the solid-state drive (SSD), the registry files defragmentation is not performed during the registry optimization. Only the compression is performed, which eliminates areas with already removed data in the registry files.
  • When opening the registry cleanup tool the scanning starts automatically.
  • Fixed bug: It was not possible to close the registry cleanup window during the scan using the cross in the window's corner.

v. 7.16 17/08/2015

  • Support of users translations of the program into the other languages. If you want to translate Reg Organizer into the another language, please visit
  • 3 new tweaks for Windows 10 were added.
  • Improved Windows 10 support in the Applications Uninstaller tool.
  • Registry search results list: It is now possible to select multiple entries using the Ctrl and Shift keys in combination with the left mouse button.
  • Bug fixed: The program could freeze for several minutes when removing a Windows 10/8 application.

v. 7.15 13/07/2015

  • Now it is possible to completely uninstall any application directly from the Windows shell without the need to first launch Reg Organizer. Here is how to do this:
    1. If there is a shortcut of the application you want to uninstall on the Desktop, drag it to Reg Organizer's shortcut to begin uninstalling.
    2. Right click on the application you want to uninstall and choose the command titled Uninstall completely with Reg Organizer.
  • The Startup Applications tool: The automatically started Windows services are also shown in the list by default. Previously, to view them it was necessary to change the option.
  • In the settings, the combined option for the shell integration has replaced the several ones for various types of integrations.
  • Portable version: An option was added allowing the user to disable the program's startup splash screen.
  • Disk Cleanup: After removing files from the Recycle Bin, its icon doesn't change the state indicating that the Recycle Bin is not empty.
  • Bugs fixed:
    1. The registry files (.reg) could not be opened if they were created by copying and pasting the text in Notepad or similar text editor.
    2. If System Express Check was disabled, when opening the program, a tool could be opened which was different from the one used before closing the program.
    3. An an error message was shown by Reg Organizer after using the reg file data from the Registry removing command.
    4. Not all matched files could be found according to the specified useless files masks during the disk cleanup.

v. 7.12 12/05/2015

  • A Reg Organizer icon added to its Explorer context menu command for running an application with tracing.
  • The problem with the application's digital signature has been fixed.
  • The registry cleanup function ignore list update.

v. 7.11

  • The applications uninstalling function: stability improved.
  • Bugs fixed: If you click on an already selected item in the left-hand panel and then spin the mouse wheel, the buttons will move up or down leaving extra free space in the panel.

v. 7.10

  • The Application Uninstaller tool: The new type of applications for Windows 8/8.1/10 (Windows Store applications) is supported.
  • The Startup Applications tool:
    1. Support of the new startup locations: Services and Drivers. Reg Organizer allows to to configure the delayed launch of the applications from these locations as for other startup applications.
    2. When displaying entries which are calling the third-party code by way of using the rundll32.exe program, the information about the actually called module is shown instead of rundll32.exe.
    3. A command for removing the selected entry has been added to the startup items list.
  • Disk Cleanup: If you want to specify the custom file masks to be removed during the disk cleanup (via Main Menu -> Commands -> Settings... -> Disk Cleanup -> Custom Files), now it is not necesary to add every mask separately. Just add them in one line, for example: "*.tmp *.temp".
  • Bugs fixed:
    1. If you try to reboot the computer without closing Reg Organizer, a message was shown that latter does not allow to end the session.
    2. Registry editor: The unusual registry string values that does not have the the null terminating character, could be displayed with the superfluous, "garbage" characters at the end.

v. 7.0

  • The program's user interface has been updated.
  • Startup applications optimization. Reg Organizer may speed up your computer boot time by delaying specific applications which are registered for automatic starting along with the system. These are programs that are not necessary right after the system has loaded.
  • The disk cleanup tool has been completely remastered. Improvements:
    1. The tool is now able to find more unneeded files and invalid shortcuts on the disks.
    2. It works more quickly.
    3. The ability has been added to specify the custom folders and the file masks for cleaning them. (The Clean Folders function from the previous versions was able only to purge the specified folders completely.)
  • The Important Registry Parts tool: You now have the ability to select several entries at once. Also a new command was added to the context menu allowing you to turn all selected items into checked.
  • An option was added to Settings allowing you to disable the splash screen on program start.
  • Bug fixed: Some interface parts of the Startup tools could be displayed incorrectly when working under the Classic Windows interface theme.

v. 6.60

  • The Startup Applications tool:
    1. The percent of users who delayed and disabled a startup application is now shown for each application in the list.
    2. The context menu commands which allows you to delay and temporary disable a startup item have been added to the context menu.
    3. The removed startup applications for which the automatic launch was recently blocked are displayed now in the interface.
    4. A more reliable working of the tool with regard to delaying and disabling the startup applications.
  • Registry Editor:
    1. Ability to create and edit the REG_QWORD values. This registry type represents the 64-bit integer values.
    2. Bug fixed: When editing the numeric value, the backspace key allowing you to delete the previous character does not work.

v. 6.55

  • The Application Uninstaller tool:
    1. When removing the application traces now, a backup is created in the Undoing Change Center. This makes it easy to recover the deleted application traces if, for example, you removed the program's traces and whereupon decided that you wish to continue using it.
    2. Uninstalling applications is faster due to the fact that the system restore point is not created now before the application's traces removal. (The quickly-working Undoing Changes Center is now used instead to provide the ability to rollback the traces removal.)
    3. High CPU resources consumption eliminated during the work of the standard uninstaller when removing an application.
  • The Tweaks tool: A tweak was added: "Do not show the Windows lock screen upon system load".
  • The Registry Optimization tool: a problem was fixed after the optimization when the Hidden attribute was taken off from the files where the registry is stored. This led to the fact that the files of the registry become visible in Explorer with the standard settings.
  • Rarely used options have been removed from the program settings.

v. 6.50

  • A new Startup Applications tool has been added. It accumulates the functionality that was previously in one of the Important Registry Parts sections and also includes the following improvements:
    1. Now every one of the most applications automatically started after system load can be delayed by specifying an any period of time after which it will be launched. The delaying of the applications which are not necessary immediately after the system load allows you to accelerate its being brought to a working state; that is, when there is no more latency in the system's user interface.
    2. Building the startup applications loading order by using the delaying function.
    3. Displaying the system load speed graph.
    4. More startup applications now displayed.
    5. Protecting the status of the delayed, disabled, and removed startup entries and restoring it in the event the status was changed by the parent program.
    6. Easily changing several entries at once, if necessary.
    7. A context menu command allowing you to move to the startup entry in the system (for example, open the registry key containing the startup entry).
    8. Extracting the startup application’s information from the digital signature, if available for an application.
  • The Tweaks tool:
    1. The System Load and Unload Speed-Up quick tune-up group has been supplemented by a new tweak. Enabling it boosts the system load by reducing the startup applications priority on a number of occasions.
    2. A tweak was added: "Disable the shutdown button on the Start Screen (Windows 8.1 Update 1 or higher)".
  • If the installer execution tracking agent is enabled, it gets loaded with a 1 minute delay after logging in to the system. (Previously this used to occur immediately after logging in.) This was done to boost the system's moving into the fully working condition by reducing the number of processes executed simultaneously just after the system has loaded.
  • In the Important Registry Parts tool, the most frequently used parts are now located in the beginning of the list.
  • Bug fixed: When changing the size of the Tweaks window, the entry lists within it weren’t resized.

v. 6.35

  • The Application Uninstaller tool:
    1. The application icons in the tabled view became larger and rendered better (under Windows Vista or higher).
    2. Increased accuracy of the application installing with tracing function. In some cases the superfluous registry might have been added to the applications traces.

v. 6.34

  • The Application Uninstaller tool:
    1. The Installer Execution Tracking Agent has been updated to eliminate the false operations.
    2. Bug fixed: In some cases the superfluous folders were added to the applications traces.

v. 6.33

  • The Application Uninstaller tool. Bug fixed: In some cases the superfluous registry entries had been added to the applications traces.

v. 6.32

  • The Application Uninstaller tool:
    1. Improved the accuracy of the installing applications with tracing function, so that the system changes which do not apply to the application being installed will not be registered.
    2. Interface improvement: The Notation Conventions window's height was increased which removes the vertical scroll bar.
  • Bug fixed: The column might disappear from the applications list in case of the repeated opening of the Application Uninstaller tool window.

v. 6.31

  • Registry editor fix: Error message occurred when removing the last registry or registry file value in the list

v. 6.30

  • Application Uninstaller:
    1. When uninstalling applications that may change the browser settings, like various browser toolbars, Reg Organizer shows information about how to return your browser's settings to the initial state.
    2. Reg Organizer is now able to determine the name of the application installed with tracing even if it does not register itself in the registry (in the uninstall keys). For example, such situation may take place for portable applications. Earlier, by default such applications were assigned the "Installed Application" name.
    3. The Installer Execution Tracking Agent has been improved.
  • Registry editor and search functions interface improvements.
  • Fixed bugs:
    1. When running under the 64-bit system, in the Startup Items function of the Important Registry Parts tool it was not possible to view the properties or launch the entry if it has been located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.
    2. When running under the 64-bit system, when running the application's tracing using the Explorer context menu the program to be traced have not been launched automatically if located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.
    3. The "Access violation..." error message might appeat after right clicking on the Startup Items section entry of the Important Registry Parts tool.
    4. The portable version: After reboot initialized by the Registry Optimization tool, the program's settings might have not been saved.
    5. The portable version: The "Shut down the computer after the optimization" option does not work properly in the Registry optimization tool.