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Download programs

Download Programs

You can download any of our programs in the Download Center. Both the latest and previous versions are available there.

Activating software with a license key

Software Activation

Illustrated instructions for activating all our software products. Step-by-step explanations of the activation process after receiving a license key.

Recover lost key

Key Recovery

If you lost your license key for some reason, you can restore it with the help of our license key recovery service. The key will be sent to your email automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many users have questions while using the programs. We have prepared answers to the most popular questions in this special section.

Articles on optimizing Windows correctly

Windows Optimization Articles

There are many articles on the Internet about optimizing Windows. We have created our own recommendations based on the use of our programs.

Discuss the programs on the official forum

Official Forum

You can discuss the programs' work with other users and developers, give your comments and suggestions in the official forum.

Ask a Question to Developers