Full Uninstall™ - Complete Software Removal Technology

Affected products: Reg Organizer®, Soft Organizer

The Full Uninstall™ technology was first introduced in 2011 as the product of the same name, and also as the integrated uninstallation function in Reg Organizer®.

Full Uninstall™ is constantly being improved. Currently, the technology is used in Soft Organizer and Reg Organizer® products.

What the Full Uninstall™ Technology Allows

Install programs and automatically track all changes the programs made, in order to uninstall these apps completely and delete all "traces" they may have left in the system after standard uninstallation. Tracking of system registry changes is carried out by comparing two registry snapshots (before and after installing a program), while the file system changes are tracked in real-time, making the tracking process operation fast and smooth.

Thoroughly check the system for program residues upon uninstallation (even if a reboot is required for the uninstall process to complete). This allows to location and cleaning of the majority of program traces, even if an installation tracking log wasn't created when the program was installed on the computer.

If the installation of the program you are about to remove wasn't tracked, a deeper scan of the system is performed as soon as the standard uninstaller finishes. Though not as effective as installation tracking, this still allows elmination of many unnecessary traces left in the system.

When you uninstall a program (whether its installation was tracked or not), you can preview the list of found traces and leave any files and parameters you may possibly need in the future. Viewing and editing of traces is easy thanks to the special trace manager that displays system registry data as well as file information.

Remove additional programs installed along with the main application being uninstalled now, assuming the installation process was tracked. In many cases such additional applications remain unnoticed when the main application is uninstalled. By using tracked installation, you can later uninstall all supplemental software that was installed together with the main program.