Soft Organizer Testimonials

Probably the best program I ever installed on My computer! Here have the developers managed to create something that works perfect and where everything is included. There is nothing I can complane, this just works so fine!

Markku H

SOFT ORGANIZER is a great app!

Jaroslaw Marciniuk

All right

Luciano Pecar

I don’t speak English, but I think this tool can help me solve storage problems

wenwu zhu

it a good and nice program, however your app forces someone to updates the installed applications, which is very wrong considering the data strength of that person to the internet, or maybe he or she is on a metered connection. am here in Ghana and also a national of Ghana in Tema city, west of Africa.

Samuel Baidoo


Bucko Buckovsky


Tone Murgelj

ChemTable always been great and fair to user that are using the app for free.


Fair Software

Sajid Awan

this program meets my expectations

Janusz Miecznik

The software is good and does the job it was written for. I downloaded it from COMSS.ONE with a free licence.

Thank you for sharing your product.

Greetings from Italy

Sandro Matt

It does what it says, what more can you want?


One of the best uninstallers I have used, and I have tried many working in IT Helpdesk for 13 years 🙂 Thank you kindly


I am happy with the application so far as my uninstalls became easier and leaving no trace of it.


an amazing uninstaller in my life