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The helpful information about System Registry and Microsoft Windows


Downloading, installing and running Reg Organizer

To start using Reg Organizer you should download it and install it on your computer. The following step-by-step instruction visually demonstrates the entire process and the steps you should take to accomplish the task. Downloading Reg Organizer In order to download Reg Organizer click the following link: – Download Reg Organizer Select the location where […]

Where to Download a Previous Version of Reg Organizer?

If your subscription for updates is expired and you don’t have a possibility to prolong it, you can install a previous version of Reg Organizer to your computer that still accepts your registration data and go with it until you’ll renew your subscription for Reg Organizer updates.

Registry Cleanup Data Analysis

If after cleaning up the registry a certain application starts failing, you should restore the system. If after that the problem still exists, please direct the registry cleanup data to the developers so they could perform a detailed analysis and fix the program to prevent such issues in the future.

How to Restore Your System Registry in Reg Organizer

In Reg Organizer there’s a built-in protection system that automatically creates backup copies of all data being changed in the registry during the cleanup process. This allows you to restore your system in something went wrong. Faults are rare when you clean the registry with Reg Organizer, but they still may happen sometimes. If that […]