Why Does Windows Slow Down?

May 17, 2017 by Chemtable Software

There is a school of thought that the Windows operating system slows down with time, and its performance naturally degrades, so the OS needs to be reinstalled once in a while. However, few of us actually think of the reasons for the slow down and ways to prevent it.

If we are talking about a system with properly working hardware and no viruses, the main reason is the lack of system resources to run applications and operating system services. Directly after installation, the system has a certain set of applications working in the background. Day by day some new applications appear, so the amount of free resources gradually declines. And when free resources begin to deplete, the system starts working more and more slowly.

It’s true that reinstalling the OS does solve the problem, but sooner or later Windows decelerates again.

At the same time, you can find many examples of the same system working for years without being reinstalled and without any particular problems. The difference is that the users of such computers keep an eye on used and available resources of the computer and do not allow the system to take more than it’s authorized. As a result, applications do not suffer from a deficit of resources and work at full pace. And the system does not need reinstalling for many years.