Reg Organizer User Reviews

I purchased a license in the Softkey online software store. I am very happy with it. The application is fast, light-weight, and absolutely straightforward. Working with the program by Konstantin Polyakov is easy as pie.

Peter Alandarenko, Semikarakorsk, Rostov region

Excellent software! Keeps the registry on the PC 100% in order.

Eugene, "Artel" Group

Excellent helper to service the PC for users of any age and skills. And the price is absolutely affordable! I am 69, by the way!

Vladimir Gorokhov, Bryansk

Thanks a lot! After the program did all those complex operations in the system, the PC really started working faster. And just as importantly, there were no registry errors afterward – a typical side-effect of using many tools of this kind. Well done, developers! Keep building your product like that!

Artem Semyenov

Excellent program! Thanks!

Vladimir, Krasnodar

Dear users, if you don’t want to spend your time and energy fixing problems on your computer, just install Reg Organizer and work comfortably.

Vladimir Vorontsov

Thank you a lot. I’ve used your program for three years, and I am very glad I have it!

Viktor Kalentiev, Uralsk

The program is relatively inexpensive, but it displays serious quality. It works solidly, quickly, and neatly.

Sergey Mikheev

Fine software. Works gently and precisely. Never ruins what works. I do recommend it. Thank you.

Sergey, Karakol

Reg Organizer is extremely easy to use. I have worked with it on my computer for two years now and certainly like it.

Vladimir Vanyashkin

Superior program! I have used it almost daily for many years on all of my PCs, notebooks, and tablets. It didn’t let me down once! It really solves any questions on getting the OS back into its “virgin” state after installing or removing certain software. Nice UI, all the functions I need, flexible licensing, and responsive technical support. Definitely one of the best once-a-week-use software out there. Thank you.

Sergey Larin

Good and easy-to-use application. Even a complete dummy can keep the system in order with minimum effort.

Vladimir Basalaev

The program is just wonderful. I’ve used it for many years and really like it. Thank you.

Galina, Minsk

Thank you for the program! I started using it not so long ago and instantly felt in love with it. Now I’m trying its functions and capabilities, testing it. I switched to Reg Organizer from another tool. With your app, the computer is finally working well and never freezes.

Nikolay, Tobolsk, Tyumen region

The program is superb. Advisable to anyone. And special thanks to its authors!

Oleg Shilov, St. Petersburg, MPO Kamena