How to Restore Your System Registry in Reg Organizer

April 26, 2011 (updated 4 years ago) by Chemtable Software

In Reg Organizer there’s a built-in protection system that automatically creates backup copies of all data being changed in the registry during the cleanup process. This allows you to restore your system in something went wrong.

Faults are rare when you clean the registry with Reg Organizer, but they still may happen sometimes. If that happened to you – don’t panic. Simply follow the steps of this short instruction to restore the system.

To restore your system from a backup, run Reg Organizer, open the “Commands” menu and select “Backup copies” command.

You should see a window that lists all system roll back options. You need to find an item that corresponds to the latest registry cleanup (see the “Date” column), select that item and click “Restore selected” in the upper left part of the window/

After that, the system will be rolled back to the previous state.

Please note, if after restoring the system problems persist – the registry cleanup was not the issue. Perhaps before or after you have used Reg Organizer some other functions were applied, or changes were made using some other utility.