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Registry Cleanup Data Analysis

If after cleaning up the registry a certain application starts failing, you should restore the system. If after that the problem still exists, please direct the registry cleanup data to the developers so they could perform a detailed analysis and fix the program to prevent such issues in the future.

In order to send data for analysis, you should run the registry cleanup on the restored system and perform the full check of your system.

After it completes, you should click the “Show incorrect records (for experienced users)” item.

In the window that appears after that click the “Save the list as” button and save the list of incorrect records to a file.

After that, please contact us at, attach the saved file to the letter and describe your problem using as much details as possible.

Our staff will analyze the data within a certain period and if the problem will be confirmed, changes will be made to the program that will prevent such issues in the future.

Anton Maksimov
Apr 20, 2017

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