Reg Organizer User Reviews

Reg Organizer has an excellent interface, a decent Help system and can be used as all-in-one cleaning applications due to its large amount of functions.

An excellent and powerful program. It deserves to be downloaded and put to good use.

Reg Organizer is a full-featured tool that not only offers you a full set of registry maintenance tools, but also a wide range of other utilities that will help your system run more smoothly and improves its performance.

I just got this program today and found it awesome. I’m very careful about these type of programs as there are so many out there that end up screwing up your whole computer. Reg Organizer is the best one that I have used. It found 4955 problems fixed them all and not one thing was screwed up on my computer. Thank you for an awesome program.

Gerald McQuaid, Toronto

Being an editor of a computer magazine, I know firsthand that not every registry cleaning and an optimizing tool is safe. Some of them – those written by non-pros – may even lead to complete malfunctioning of Windows. There’s only one registry tool I implicitly trust – Reg Organizer. I use it myself, and it has never let me down.

Ilya Korneichuk, Editor of CHIP magazine

Reg Organizer is a useful instrument for performing complex optimization of Windows with the main focus on working safely with the registry. Coupled with impressive capabilities, the program is hands down one of the best in its class.

Great Tools for cleaning junk, unnecessary files and to speedup your PC, thank you very much developers. Stay well and have a great time.

Shookrullah, Kabul

Thank you for developing Reg Organizer. This program is handy, error-free, and quickly repairs the registry while also offering other useful functions. I suggest installing this application to everyone. Indeed, this is your second best helper after an antivirus.

Aleksey Grinchenko

Thanks a lot to you, developers of Reg Organizer, for bringing to us such a reliable and neat program! I have used this wonderful app for three years now, and I never had a single complaint. I constantly work on a PC, and Reg Organizer always helps. It is excellent as a registry editor. Modify, clean, save, or make snapshots of the registry – that is just the tip of the iceberg. Basically, I believe this app is a leading solution in the system care industry. With it, my computer is healthy and performing well. And more importantly, it costs less than competitors’ products. I can see that the developers put a lot of effort into it. Keep up the good work!

Vasiliy Khandogiy

Excellent software, thank you!

Alexander, VlaStat Construction Company

I have worked with this program for some time now and find it very useful. Like it so far, thank you developers!

Vyacheslav, "Kamika-oil" LLC

Such a great little piece of software! This program effectively replaces multiple system care utilities.


God bless the developers!

Boris Stepanov, Russia Railway

Outstanding program!!!! Huge RESPECT to developers!!!!

Dimitri, Samtredia, VGS Network

I used to use this optimizer since its 5th version. Thank you developers!

Jury Valmus, Baranovichi, Belarus BGMK