Reg Organizer Testimonials

Reg Organizer has an excellent interface, a decent Help system and can be used as all-in-one cleaning applications due to its large amount of functions.

An excellent and powerful program. It deserves to be downloaded and put to good use.

Reg Organizer is a full-featured tool that not only offers you a full set of registry maintenance tools, but also a wide range of other utilities that will help your system run more smoothly and improves its performance.

I just got this program today and found it awesome. I’m very careful about these type of programs as there are so many out there that end up screwing up your whole computer. Reg Organizer is the best one that I have used. It found 4955 problems fixed them all and not one thing was screwed up on my computer. Thank you for an awesome program.

Gerald McQuaid, Toronto

Being an editor of a computer magazine, I know firsthand that not every registry cleaning and an optimizing tool is safe. Some of them – those written by non-pros – may even lead to complete malfunctioning of Windows. There’s only one registry tool I implicitly trust – Reg Organizer. I use it myself, and it has never let me down.

Ilya Korneichuk, Editor of CHIP magazine

Reg Organizer is a useful instrument for performing complex optimization of Windows with the main focus on working safely with the registry. Coupled with impressive capabilities, the program is hands down one of the best in its class.

Great Tools for cleaning junk, unnecessary files and to speedup your PC, thank you very much developers. Stay well and have a great time.

Shookrullah, Kabul

Excellent software! Keeps the registry on the PC 100% in order.

Eugene, "Artel" Group

Thanks a lot! After the program did all those complex operations in the system, the PC really started working faster. And just as importantly, there were no registry errors afterward – a typical side-effect of using many tools of this kind. Well done, developers! Keep building your product like that!

Artem Semyenov

Dear users, if you don’t want to spend your time and energy fixing problems on your computer, just install Reg Organizer and work comfortably.

Vladimir Vorontsov

The program is relatively inexpensive, but it displays serious quality. It works solidly, quickly, and neatly.

Sergey Mikheev

Reg Organizer is extremely easy to use. I have worked with it on my computer for two years now and certainly like it.

Vladimir Vanyashkin

Superior program! I have used it almost daily for many years on all of my PCs, notebooks, and tablets. It didn’t let me down once! It really solves any questions on getting the OS back into its “virgin” state after installing or removing certain software. Nice UI, all the functions I need, flexible licensing, and responsive technical support. Definitely one of the best once-a-week-use software out there. Thank you.

Sergey Larin

Good and easy-to-use application. Even a complete dummy can keep the system in order with minimum effort.

Vladimir Basalaev

Thank you for developing Reg Organizer. This program is handy, error-free, and quickly repairs the registry while also offering other useful functions. I suggest installing this application to everyone. Indeed, this is your second best helper after an antivirus.

Aleksey Grinchenko

Thanks a lot to you, developers of Reg Organizer, for bringing to us such a reliable and neat program! I have used this wonderful app for three years now, and I never had a single complaint. I constantly work on a PC, and Reg Organizer always helps. It is excellent as a registry editor. Modify, clean, save, or make snapshots of the registry – that is just the tip of the iceberg. Basically, I believe this app is a leading solution in the system care industry. With it, my computer is healthy and performing well. And more importantly, it costs less than competitors’ products. I can see that the developers put a lot of effort into it. Keep up the good work!

Vasiliy Khandogiy

Excellent software, thank you!

Alexander, VlaStat Construction Company

I have worked with this program for some time now and find it very useful. Like it so far, thank you developers!

Vyacheslav, "Kamika-oil" LLC

Such a great little piece of software! This program effectively replaces multiple system care utilities.


God bless the developers!

Boris Stepanov, Russia Railway

Outstanding program!!!! Huge RESPECT to developers!!!!

Dimitri, Samtredia, VGS Network

I used to use this optimizer since its 5th version. Thank you developers!

Jury Valmus, Baranovichi, Belarus BGMK

I purchased a license in the Softkey online software store. I am very happy with it. The application is fast, light-weight, and absolutely straightforward. Working with the program by Konstantin Polyakov is easy as pie.

Peter Alandarenko, Semikarakorsk, Rostov region

Excellent helper to service the PC for users of any age and skills. And the price is absolutely affordable! I am 69, by the way!

Vladimir Gorokhov, Bryansk

Excellent program! Thanks!

Vladimir, Krasnodar

Thank you a lot. I’ve used your program for three years, and I am very glad I have it!

Viktor Kalentiev, Uralsk

Fine software. Works gently and precisely. Never ruins what works. I do recommend it. Thank you.

Sergey, Karakol

Thanks a lot! Super application!

Tatiana, Saint Petersburg

I’ve known this program for 7 years. And it gets better with each and every update. I wish to express my gratitude to developers!

Alexander, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskyi

Very simple to use program. Quickly removes all unnecessary files.

Olga Boiko, Pskov

I like it a lot. Simple, quick, effective!!!

Vitaly, Tula

I installed the program a ways back and never regretted it. It is truly a magic wand of its kind! I use only this app!

Sergey Greshnov, Kotovsk

I like this program very much and use it constantly!

Anzhelika, Alushta

Very simple, very convenient, thanks.

Eugene, Saint Petersburg, Gorny University

Grand application! I’ve used it constantly for about 10 years. I entrust my computer to it absolutely, as it always helps to keep my PC in shape!!! Giant thanks to the authors!!!

Dmitry, Shelekhov, Irkutsk region

I had the pleasure of meeting this program 5 years ago. Even back in the day, it was very satisfying. But as time passes by, the developers keep releasing new updates and go with the times and today’s requirements. Now, I use the latest version and it is a pure pleasure. Well done, guys! And to everyone who reads my testimonial now I suggest that you purchase this program IMMEDIATELY. I promise, you will never regret it. Thank you, Reg Organizer!!!!

Nikolay, Leninogorsk

Needful thing!

Igor Baev, Akhtyrsky

Great program! Purity and performance! Thank you, developers. Must have!

Igor, Chelyabinsk

I love it. Good program.

Sergey Ivanchikov

I’ve used it 4 or 5 years. Wonderful, exceptionally friendly and smart program. Thanks.

Dmitry, Irkutsk

I like Reg Organizer!

Sergey, Lipetsk

Thank you for the program! I started using it not so long ago and instantly felt in love with it. Now I’m trying its functions and capabilities, testing it. I switched to Reg Organizer from another tool. With your app, the computer is finally working well and never freezes.

Nikolay, Tobolsk, Tyumen region

Reg Organizer is poetry! Always cleans the mess, puts everything in order. I am now confident about the health of my notebook.

Stas, Belgorod

Nice representation of current information about problems in the system well-tailored for an average user. All functions are simple to control and run, and the optimization results in a significant boost of computer performance that’s seen with the naked eye. Working with your program also helps users to train their overall user experience with the computer. As for me, such tutoring is very positive and helpful. I always use your program pleasantly. Thank you, thank you very much.

Georgyi, Vinitsa

Very good program. My computer is always clean and healthy now!

Yuri, Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region

The program is just wonderful. I’ve used it for many years and really like it. Thank you.

Galina, Minsk

The program is superb. Advisable to anyone. And special thanks to its authors!

Oleg Shilov, St. Petersburg, MPO Kamena

The program is just superb! Everything is crystal clear!!!


Very good and dedicated program!!!

Vladimir, Bugulma

I’ve used your program for a long time and plan to do this always. Excellent tool! Thank you.

Vladimir, Saint Petersburg

Nice program, excellent disk cleaner.

Anatoly, Kemerovo

Very productive, handy and really useful. I used version 6.0 for 4 years. Now I have upgraded to 7.15. Excellent product!

Nikolay, Simferopol

I’ve used Reg Organizer for over 10 years, since 2003. And I think there was an even earlier version. I used it on different computers starting from WIN95, then WIN98, XP and now on Windows 7. As soon as the system starts staggering, the Internet slows down – I run Reg Organizer. And the boost in performance is really here – after cleaning and optimizing the registry. The system never broke after using the program (honestly!). With other optimizers, I sometimes had to re-install Windows. Thanks. I’ll stay with this tool.

Alex, Vitebsk


Igor, Akhtyrka

Thank you so much for this wonderful program!

Sergey, Lyantor

Good application! Useful.

Galina, Moscow

Thanks a lot! So simple and effortless! I wish the best of luck to the developers! I turned it on, and it cleaned the things out! The system now works faster and notably better.

Nikolay Zhuravlev, Liski

Fine tool. I used it since the very first versions. I recommend it to everyone!!!

Roman, Konotop

What’s important for me – this tool is simple and sustainable. Thanks.

Valentin Alexandrovich, Podolsk

The program is astonishing!!! Thank you!

Alyona, Salsk

I like it.

Dmitry, Saint Petersburg

Excellent software! Arguably the best of its kind! I use it as Mr. fix it for my computer.

Alexander, Chernigov, Ukraine

I have had this program for three years. Never let me down. It cleans very accurately. Also, nice design. Thanks to the authors and the best luck!

Yuri, Volgograd

I’ve used it for several years and have no problems!

Yuri Druzhinin, Samara

Very good program. Functions and the interface are classy. And it is very convenient too – scans the computer and fixes problems very well!!!

Viktor, Pavlograd

I am a pensioner, and I’m 71 years old. I’ve used your program for 3 years. When it comes to computers, I am a self-educated user. And your program is the best for me to keep my PC healthy and functioning. Thank you, developers, you are truly talented people.

Vasily, Krivoy Rog

I like your program so much that I use it every day. Thanks.

Valery, Lyubertsy

The program is simple to use, and the computer works faster than ever. And no problems! Thank you, developers!

Alla, Moscow

I like it a lot!

Igor, Saint Petersburg

It works like a charm!

Anatoly, Togliatti

Excellent program. Now I’m sure the computer is 100% healthy and optimized for good work!

Alexander Stepanovich Rodikov, Nizhnevartovsk

This program is superior! Everyone should get it!

Yuri, Saint Petersburg

Nice software, simple and intuitive interface. Just downloaded. COOL!!!


Excellent program that keeps my computer in the perfect state. I’ve used the tool for 3 years and am very happy with it. Recommended.

Viktor, Rostov-on-Don

Very good program!

Alexander, Saratov

I’ve used the program for 5 years. I bought it in Softkey. Before I tended to use other tools, but this one is just what I need – it is simple, without too much “science” in it and extremely easy to use. Thank you.

Nikolay, Nizhnevartovsk

Your program helped me to remove a broken application that I couldn’t remove any other way. And the performance of my computer also increased to the point where I can watch video files comfortably. Before, it was impossible for me.

Yuri, Moscow

Cool!!! I have no words!!! I am VERY pleased with your program!!!

Nikolay, Rostov-on-Don

What can I say? The program works like a charm!!!

Viktor, Kharkov

I like it hugely!

Anatoly, Saint Petersburg

Thank you very much for this utility. I installed it 10 years ago. Sometimes I tried other tools (new ones), but eventually, I always returned to this application. It is intuitively easy, friendly, and very functional. In this segment, this program is the best.

Stanislav, Omsk

Thank you for your program that tracks problems and fixes them in time.

Elena, Tashkent

I love your program very much.

Vladimir Gunkin, Baranovichi, Belarus

After scanning the system with Reg Organizer, the computer began working significantly faster, while all my personal files and programs remained intact! I am grateful for such a tool.

Eduard, Moscow

I like the tool. It is comfortable and fast-paced.

Alexander, Novomoskovsk

Excellent program

Yuri, Krivoy Rog

Wonderful and very helpful program!

Boris, Maykop

I enjoyed using the program and was never disappointed with the tiniest bit.

Pozmogov Andrey, Belev

The program produced a stunning impression on me. Working with the program is simple and easy. It optimizes the PC very fast and has a clear and understandable interface. I can’t help saying thank you to the developers for creating such a wonder.

Anatoly Alkseevich, Orsk

Awesome! I am absolutely glad, and I had other tools to compare.

Andrey, Vorkuta

That’s the tool! Thank you!

Gennady, Istra

Used it for more than 2 years, works great! I am grateful to the authors! Such smart guys!

Ildar, Oktyabrskiy, Bashkortostan

Thanks a mil!

Sergey, Novosibirsk

I’ve used the program for several years. I really enjoy its functions, settings and especially the final result of running the application. The computer works faster, and the files are opened instantly.

Taisia, Moscow

Since I’ve used it for a long term period, I can tell that all changes in my computer were only positive. I like how simple it is, and how deep are its functions at the same time. Thank you, developers!!!

Oleg Cherenkov, Severodvinsk

This is a little gem of a program. In this day and age, it’s a rarity when something works even better than advertised. This is one of those things. Just open Reg Organizer and let it do its magic.

Richard Cramer

Hello. I am from Iran. Your software design is great. If possible, please add Persian language to the program languages. Thank you very much for your efforts.


Excellent program. Thank you. I think you are good specialists.


Je to velice dobrý program na vyčištění PC, mohu vřele doporučit!

Vladimir Kukacka

One Of The best Cleaners, Uninstaller and System checkup. Reg Organizer has it all.

Frans Reek van den

My computer start was about 120 seconds. And I used different Boot Setup programs. Only after Reg Organizer my computer starts in 15 seconds! It delays start of unimportant programs automatically. I think different file cleaning works even with perfect registry path cleaning. And that’s great. The computer works really noticeably faster. Several additional utilities rank this program among the TOP in its field. Rag Organizer has the potential. I am 100% satisfied with it.

Mina Soft

Thank you so much


that’s great!


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I want to comment that I am very happy with this app since I installed it has resolved everything, it keeps my Windows 100% I hope and it continues to work, thanks for a good service.


this is the best application i had use.its very good for my computer,i really like it so much,thank you…….

Pancho U. Mesias