Autorun Organizer Testimonials

… good app, does his duty

Ceccarelli Vilmo

Very useful program for the maintenance of the PC, besides being excellently easy to operate.

My congratulations to the people at Chemtable.

Adilson Soares

I like a very good utility is lightweight and well works fine


A good and nice tool that even looks fine. Easy to use and works perfect. These guys at ChemTable really can develope good stuff. Thank you!!!

Markku H

unusual program. got an unusual result that pleased me. thanks!


Well, I cannot boast that I know all about the new program that I downloaded a week or two ago, but after playing with it I have found that my system boots up a lot faster…..I’m still studying things, but at the moment, I am very happy with it…..Happy 2020, and No Glitches !!!!

James W. Andrews