Autorun Organizer Testimonials

I have used many autorun utilities. While each has their own strengths and weaknesses Autorun Organizer is by far the best. Its easy to use being totally intuitive. Awesome.

Jeremy Greene (Evergreene Systems)

Autorun Organizer really works! The programs in the autostart are affecting the startup speed of Windows. The Autorun Organizer shows these applications and could delete or temporary disable them. Used correctly, Windows will start faster the next time. One of the best autostart tools existing!

Marco Kratzenberg (GIGA Software)

It performs exactly as advertised!

Richard B. Hundley

good setup

Hadji kediro

I like a very good utility is lightweight and well works fine


This is the best thing I have used meaning I use it regularly and I don’t change my go-to apps for this type of thing. I’ve always used autoruns or process hacker and now I do not.

Justin Strachan

This is the best autostart tool I’ve ever seen!

Jose Mendez

Chemtable comes up with some things that are not repeated by anyone else. I get to trust them more as time: software that is great

Andrew D. Percox

The best program for organizing programs which starts with your PC


Amazing tool, this is the best tool I’ve ever seen!


Autorun Organizer is a must-have, it works well with Windows 10 and 7 where I have run and used it.
Delay startups adjust to having a much more efficient, as well as quicker startup.


A really helpful and Working startup-sw/app-manager.

Has 3 useful functions, for us:

1) We can select, which apps/sw, that shall or shall not start, with windows. [and, by only “deactivating”, one can keep sw-updates from reinstalling the “startup-app/sw”].

2) Makes Startup & TheMachine faster. [by NOT starting xx-app/sw, the CPU saves cycles, and the startup gets to be faster, also].

3) StartUp-Delays. [usefull, to get a “serial-FIFO” startup … only 1 app/sw at a time … making it possible to USE the machine/windows, much faster – without delays, and a HDD/SSD being “maxed-out”].
[we set “delay-timers” for all our startup-sw/apps, meaning that for-instance “Mega” & “Google-Backup&Sync” don’t max-out our HDDs/SSDs .. and making sure, that the most important apps/sw are started first .. and, making sure, that we can work right-on and undisturbed by delays, at the machine, right after startup].

Autorun-Organizer does all this, in a fine and effective way.
(in the old days (10-15 years ago, WinPatrol was the app for this, but luckily Autorun-Organizer came!, and took over!).

Peter Jensen

I really think autorun is great, every startup is much faster now.

Fred Turton

Easy to use. Efficient and no problems with using. Will optimize your boot time, just set and it will keep looking for ways to shorten your boot time. Also an excellent place to halt programs from loading that you don’t use every day.

Terry J Blanchard

If you add this program as your first install on your pc it sorts all programs and gives advice on what can be delayed or not and gives tips about the programs but also reports how many other users disabled the programs from startup.
Now I delayed startup I almost always allow AO to make this decision unless I know it has been started earlier.

Sometimes you get advice over software if it does something not wished for which is not always true.
Example glassware firewall got reported as containing some as stuff, but I never seen any ads at all and actually decided it does report all I want to know about the traffic happening, so I can decide if something is fishy to block it.

But in general, I know when something is not right myself as well, but it helps when a program is doing what it should not do.

So overall I advise people to use A.O. and not regret it, it helps a lot because a lot of programs do not need to be loaded instant at the start and most important you can decide yourself if you want something loaded at the start.

For example, I do not allow startup crap from Google, Mozilla, and java, or whatever to update I check them myself.

With AO you simply choose yourself to allow it or not very handy and does make it easier when you had an update for any of these to disable the program again instead of having to do a custom install all the time … in AO it’s just a few clicks away and your done 😀

So make your life easier and get this handy tool.