Autorun Organizer User Reviews

Autorun Organizer has helped to speed up my PC. It lets me know the apps that slow down my start-up, and I’m able to delay their starting by a few clicks on Autorun Organizer. It’s easy and fast.

Jimmy Donald Moon

Un programme intelligent.

Marc L.

I have used many autorun utilities. While each has their own strengths and weaknesses Autorun Organizer is by far the best. Its easy to use being totally intuitive. Awesome.

Jeremy Greene, Evergreene Systems

Autorun Organizer really works! The programs in the autostart are affecting the startup speed of Windows. The Autorun Organizer shows these applications and could delete or temporary disable them. Used correctly, Windows will start faster the next time. One of the best autostart tools existing!

Marco Kratzenberg, GIGA Software

It performs exactly as advertised!

Richard B. Hundley

I like a very good utility is lightweight and well works fine


This is the best thing I have used meaning I use it regularly and I don’t change my go-to apps for this type of thing. I’ve always used autoruns or process hacker and now I do not.

Justin Strachan

A really helpful and Working startup-sw/app-manager.

Has 3 useful functions, for us:

1) We can select, which apps/sw, that shall or shall not start, with windows. (and, by only “deactivating”, one can keep sw-updates from reinstalling the “startup-app/sw”).

2) Makes Startup & TheMachine faster. (by NOT starting xx-app/sw, the CPU saves cycles, and the startup gets to be faster, also).

3) StartUp-Delays. (usefull, to get a “serial-FIFO” startup … only 1 app/sw at a time … making it possible to USE the machine/windows, much faster – without delays, and a HDD/SSD being “maxed-out”).

(we set “delay-timers” for all our startup-sw/apps, meaning that for-instance “Mega” & “Google-Backup&Sync” don’t max-out our HDDs/SSDs .. and making sure, that the most important apps/sw are started first .. and, making sure, that we can work right-on and undisturbed by delays, at the machine, right after startup).

Autorun Organizer does all this, in a fine and effective way. (in the old days (10-15 years ago, WinPatrol was the app for this, but luckily Autorun Organizer came, and took over).

Peter Jensen

çok güzel program teşekkür ederim cihazımı düzenledi. 29/04/2023

The pop ups after installing a programs are nice. Allows you get your configuration set then and there and get back to the task at hand.

Just Some Dood

Autorun Organizer is top of the line for delaying and getting the best boot times. I went from 53 seconds on the 1st run down to 19 seconds boot time now. I gotta say it surprises me how simple the program works, but the amazing job it accomplishes. Thanks ChemTable!


I was looking for an alternative to AutoRuns because it was having some issues with Windows 11 startup programs, and I found Autorun Organizer. This app is stable and trustworthy in terms of the way it handles manipulating Windows 11 startup programs. The feature that delays startup of specific programs is well done – utilizing Windows Task Scheduler in order to remove programs from the initial all encompassing startup group in order to speed up Windows boot time, allowing the user to specify startup delay for individual programs. The graphical interface is tight and clean. I’m keeping it installed for long-term use and hope to see it continue to mature with further releases.

Curtis M

Una Aplicación que todos los usuarios de una PC debieran tener instalada; te dice que apps se cargan al inicio cuando arranca tu PC, con recomendaciones de que hacer, si son riesgosas, si utilizan muchos recursos, si la puedes desactivar y si las puedes retarsar.

Leo Guzman

Sencillo. Con la versión gratuita te ayuda enormemente al objetivo del programa. Parece mentira cómo se las ingenian las empresas para conectar tu equipo de forma automática sin que te enteres. Este programa nos permite controlar esos accesos que tanto relentizan el inicio del sistema.


Autorun is the most useful App on my laptop.