Autorun Organizer User Reviews

An EXCELLENT application, well planned, well organized, with EFFECTIVE RESULTS !!!

B. Ravindra Babu.

this is the most helpful program i think i have on my pc. if you DON’T have it on yours,try it out you won’t regret it. P.S. IT’S COMPLETLEY FREE TOO!!!

joel wilson

It’s nice and simple to use, allows me to get a good look at what’s running and how to optimize for better start performance. My favorite feature is the optimization notification after installing a new program.


For a freeware app it works smoothly, and better than other cleaners I have used. I highly recommend this app.

Austin Langston-Dilks

es increíble pude optimizar mi sistema y el arranque después de muchos programas y probar configuraciones es un programa genial

julio lara

Such a great apps. Keep it free and easy forever and make it supported for new apps in Windows 11 22H2.

Mohammad Hassan

I really enjoy how fast my system boots up after so many delayed applications. Highly remommended.


Very clean and useful application for my computer! It’s fast and delivers!

Vasilis B

Recomiendo al 100% este programa, ha acelerado increíblemente mi computadora con windows 10, estuvo trabajando lentísimo y ahora esta súper rápída…

Eduardo Fernandez

Top program of very good stuff that does not appear in the task manager appears in the program!!!

Marco Paulo

Indeed, there is a noticeable difference at startup when I delay most of the apps and services. I love it.


Total control over what programs start up when you turn on your computer/laptop enabling a faster boot up. The more you have start the longer it will take to boot up. Also turn off programs that do not need to start up or delay them starting so you have, again, faster boot up times.

Or automate which programs start when you turn on your computer, saving you that little bit of time.

Once you have it you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Rick Barlow

I love this app! I will tell everyone I know about this!

Ed Guest

Everything is allright! ? Perfect, Wonderfull! TOP❗ ☑???

Marcus Lindemann

Molto utile, intuitivo ed efficace