Autorun Organizer Testimonials

A very nice program. Useful! Thanks!


Autorun Organizer performs quite well. Clear, straight forward presentation. Very easy to use. The only concern is that a number of programs are listed as suspicious “by 1 of 74 antivirus”. Many of these are System Care, Anti-Malware, or Monitors. The good thing, is that Autorun Organizer does not block any of these. That choice resides with the user.

R. E. Stapleton

Very useful program for the maintenance of the PC, besides being excellently easy to operate.

My congratulations to the people at Chemtable.

Adilson Soares

I love it, is a must-have for me, i will pay gladly the paid version if price will be like 20€ or such, but actual price is out of my pocket now.

Marcel Garcia

Should be an integral part of OS. A must for anybody installing more than 10 applications.

Kristaps G

…I thought I had it all,…before I discovered Autorun Organizer!…

Canute Edwards

I am writing from Spain,
I like your software “Auto Run Organizer” because in one simple view I have all the information for my computer regaring wich software is running through the different ways that them can be starte in W10, included all hiden ways as the windows task scheduler.
I can decide if I remain them, or to delay, block, etc.
Thank you very much!

F. Javier

I am new to this programme I want to learn more from it


nice programe and i like it


just great does what it says on the tin. give it a try.


Possibilita ver quais os programas que arrancam com o Windows, e também permite seleccioná-los. A opção de escolher com que atraso os programas arrancam no início é óptima:pode fazer com que o Windows arranque mais rápido.

Hélder António Ribeiro

excelente acelero el inicio de mi laptop y el rendimiento esta mejor

pierre daza

A good and nice tool that even looks fine. Easy to use and works perfect. These guys at ChemTable really can develope good stuff. Thank you!!!

Markku H

unusual program. got an unusual result that pleased me. thanks!


Well, I cannot boast that I know all about the new program that I downloaded a week or two ago, but after playing with it I have found that my system boots up a lot faster…..I’m still studying things, but at the moment, I am very happy with it…..Happy 2020, and No Glitches !!!!

James W. Andrews