Autorun Organizer User Reviews

just great does what it says on the tin. give it a try.


Well, I cannot boast that I know all about the new program that I downloaded a week or two ago, but after playing with it I have found that my system boots up a lot faster…..I’m still studying things, but at the moment, I am very happy with it…..Happy 2020, and No Glitches !!!!

James W. Andrews

A good and nice tool that even looks fine. Easy to use and works perfect. These guys at ChemTable really can develope good stuff. Thank you!!!

Markku H

Possibilita ver quais os programas que arrancam com o Windows, e também permite seleccioná-los. A opção de escolher com que atraso os programas arrancam no início é óptima:pode fazer com que o Windows arranque mais rápido.

Hélder António Ribeiro

excelente acelero el inicio de mi laptop y el rendimiento esta mejor

pierre daza

unusual program. got an unusual result that pleased me. thanks!


A very nice program. Useful! Thanks!