Autorun Organizer User Reviews

This is the best autostart tool I’ve ever seen!

Jose Mendez

Chemtable comes up with some things that are not repeated by anyone else. I get to trust them more as time: software that is great

Andrew D. Percox

The best program for organizing programs which starts with your PC


Autorun Organizer is a must-have, it works well with Windows 10 and 7 where I have run and used it.
Delay startups adjust to having a much more efficient, as well as quicker startup.


Amazing tool, this is the best tool I’ve ever seen!


I really think autorun is great, every startup is much faster now.

Fred Turton

Easy to use. Efficient and no problems with using. Will optimize your boot time, just set and it will keep looking for ways to shorten your boot time. Also an excellent place to halt programs from loading that you don’t use every day.

Terry J Blanchard

If you add this program as your first install on your pc it sorts all programs and gives advice on what can be delayed or not and gives tips about the programs but also reports how many other users disabled the programs from startup.
Now I delayed startup I almost always allow AO to make this decision unless I know it has been started earlier.

Sometimes you get advice over software if it does something not wished for which is not always true.
Example glassware firewall got reported as containing some as stuff, but I never seen any ads at all and actually decided it does report all I want to know about the traffic happening, so I can decide if something is fishy to block it.

But in general, I know when something is not right myself as well, but it helps when a program is doing what it should not do.

So overall I advise people to use A.O. and not regret it, it helps a lot because a lot of programs do not need to be loaded instant at the start and most important you can decide yourself if you want something loaded at the start.

For example, I do not allow startup crap from Google, Mozilla, and java, or whatever to update I check them myself.

With AO you simply choose yourself to allow it or not very handy and does make it easier when you had an update for any of these to disable the program again instead of having to do a custom install all the time … in AO it’s just a few clicks away and your done 😀

So make your life easier and get this handy tool.


Autorun Organizer performs quite well. Clear, straight forward presentation. Very easy to use. The only concern is that a number of programs are listed as suspicious “by 1 of 74 antivirus”. Many of these are System Care, Anti-Malware, or Monitors. The good thing, is that Autorun Organizer does not block any of these. That choice resides with the user.

R. E. Stapleton

Very useful program for the maintenance of the PC, besides being excellently easy to operate.

My congratulations to the people at Chemtable.

Adilson Soares

I love it, is a must-have for me, i will pay gladly the paid version if price will be like 20€ or such, but actual price is out of my pocket now.

Marcel Garcia

Should be an integral part of OS. A must for anybody installing more than 10 applications.

Kristaps G

…I thought I had it all,…before I discovered Autorun Organizer!…

Canute Edwards

I am writing from Spain,
I like your software “Auto Run Organizer” because in one simple view I have all the information for my computer regaring wich software is running through the different ways that them can be starte in W10, included all hiden ways as the windows task scheduler.
I can decide if I remain them, or to delay, block, etc.
Thank you very much!

F. Javier

I am new to this programme I want to learn more from it