Reg Organizer 7.40 Triples Installation Tracking Speed

August 02, 2016 (updated 4 years ago)

The new version of Reg Organizer 7.40 receives an update to its algorithm that allows it to speed up installation change tracking while installing applications up to 3 times faster than before.

Reg Organizer 5.12

December 16, 2010 (updated 10 years ago)

* System Express Check is now performed on each Reg Organizer startup, if the corresponding option isn’t disabled in the System Express Check window. * The safety of the Automatic Registry Cleanup function has been increased. * An installer improvement: Now you don’t have to close the program before installing the new version; it closes […]

Reg Organizer 5.11

November 22, 2010 (updated 10 years ago)

* Fixed bugs: Registry Editor: an error “Access violation …” could occur when viewing the keys that contain REG_MULTI_SZ type values of zero size. The Application Uninstaller tool might not track of changes in the file system on some computers.

Reg Organizer 5.10

July 09, 2010 (updated 10 years ago)

* Registry Search tool: The search field is placed on top of the window. Now it’s easier to run a repeat search or replacement as there is no need to switch between tabs to enter a new query into the search field. Added a feature that enables searching text strings in binary parameters (such as […]

Reg Organizer 5.0

December 17, 2009 (updated 10 years ago)

* A new function has been added – System Express Check. It quickly analyzes the main system components and displays information about the extent to which they need correction or optimization. * Changes in the Manual Registry Cleanup function: A new category of registry objects, “Registered Applications”, was added. It allows you to view, edit […]