Reg Organizer 7.40 Triples Installation Tracking Speed

August 02, 2016 (updated 4 years ago) by Chemtable Software

One of the generally acclaimed features of Reg Organizer is its ability to track the installation process of unverified applications. This becomes extremely helpful if, after installing such a program, the user finds out that the app has made some unwanted changes to the system. An urgent roll back of all such changes is then required, including all traces of the installed program as well as plugins and add-ons that were installed.

For example, whenever a user wants to try a certain new program he or she knows virtually nothing about, installation tracking is a must. In case something goes wrong, like crucial system settings get broken or the OS becomes unstable, the user can quickly remove this app and return everything to the original state, even without the restoration capabilities built into Windows.


The new version of Reg Organizer introduces a completely rewritten tracking algorithm that results in a many-fold speed up of the process. Now the program very quickly creates just one snapshot of the system and then tracks the app in real time. Thanks to the new approach, overall tracking performance increased almost three times.

The same algorithm covers registry functions too, including creating of a registry snapshot and comparing the old and new. As a result, the new version of the program demonstrates much faster registry snapshot operation as well.

The new version of the program can be downloaded from the official website or owners may use the automatic update system that’s built into Reg Organizer.

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