Reg Organizer 5.45 Blasts Programs Away!

July 13, 2012 (updated 4 years ago) by Chemtable Software

Many programs leave countless traces in the system even after they have been uninstalled. In many cases these are working files or settings that a user may need, if he decides to get back to that program again. But if the application is removed from the system forever, these unnecessary files remain on the disk. And the same happens every time you uninstall some application.

Reg Organizer, a utility designed for all-round service of the system registry, features a full uninstall function to completely remove programs you don’t need anymore from your computer. The new version 5.45 delivers the redesigned and greatly improved version of this function. Not only does it work more efficiently now, but it also provides much more convenience.

In particular, the search algorithm that detects traces left in the system by an uninstalled application has been modernized, plus you can remove multiple programs simultaneously. If a standard uninstaller doesn’t work correctly for some reason, you can switch directly to the trace search process.

Reg Organizer also provides a way to install applications with tracking. The tracking function allows more efficient uninstalling of a program that isn’t needed any more. This option has also been improved in the new version. In particular, for those programs that were installed with tracking, you can install further updates also with tracking.

Also Reg Organizer has been adapted to work in the new Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview operating system.

You can download a trial version of the program from the official website using this link:


Reg Organizer’s license cost per computer is $39.95.