Simplified Program Removal in Reg Organizer 6.02

March 06, 2013 (updated 4 years ago) by Chemtable Software

Today we have released Reg Organizer 6.02. It features the enhanced process of unnecessary program removal with the “Application Uninstaller” function. This function allows to install and to fully uninstall unnecessary applications along with all traces it could have left in the system. This isn’t an everyday functionality – in some cases the default program removal is enough and there’s no need to delete application’s traces.

In order to speed up the removal process Reg Organizer 6.02 offers a quick uninstall option that doesn’t perform searching for traces. This reduced uninstalling time and save all settings and other traces of the program being uninstalled.

To skip the scan and don’t look up for traces of the deleted program, press the Del key on your keyboard when you see the first window of the Reg Organizer’s Uninstall Wizard. This will skip the search for traces making the process run faster.

Why would you need this?

When you uninstall a program during the update process, you usually don’t want your settings and personal preferences to gone with the program. The new version of that program you install should pick them up, so you don’t have to configure the application from scratch or re-activate it.