How to Remove Traces of Previously Uninstalled Programs

October 29, 2015 (updated 2 years ago) by Chemtable Software

If you already use application uninstalling tools, you probably know that many programs after being uninstalled leave their settings and temporary files on the computer. The main reason for that is to allow you to continue using these programs if you install them again. To solve the problem, we created our unique analysis algorithm Full Uninstall that analyzes all the data associated with the uninstalled program and searches for all residues (traces) to remove them later. The process takes place whenever you uninstall an application using Reg Organizer or Soft Organizer. But what about residues of programs uninstalled without Reg Organizer or Soft Organizer? We came up with a solution here too.

Using uninstalled program traces data in Soft Organizer, we decided to compose a database of traces. It functions like a fingerprint database for software. Using the database, one can look for traces of a certain program or, conversely, detect the application based on its traces. Therefore, scanning the file system and registry for traces and matching them with the list of installed programs allows separating out traces of already uninstalled applications.


The new version of Soft Organizer 5.0 integrates the Apptraces Cloud technology to search traces of previously uninstalled programs. As soon as a program is uninstalled, Soft Organizer locates its traces and sends information about it to the server for inclusion in the common database, if you allowed Soft Organizer to do this. All other users who had removed this program from the computer in the past receive a message from Soft Organizer about traces of this program left in the system.

This technology is only implemented in Soft Organizer for now. Integration into Reg Organizer is incomplete and is planned for Reg Organizer 8.

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